Monday, 7 September 2009

Don't Argue With A Weather Stick

I suppose I'm going to have to admit that summer is closing and autumn is almost here. My Virginia Creeper is looking different today, more red than green I think...The sweet peas are still growing, maybe I planted them later than usual?But you can't argue with my weather stick! See how it's not sticking up for fine weather any more? Click here to see how it looked in the early summer, a very different story!Lots of trimming and weeding to do...and talking of things to do, I'm off now to tackle this week's Illustration Friday. See ya later! :)


Rosie said...

Your garden colours match the colours you use in your illustrations! It's a real visual treat.Where do you get a weather stick from? I want one.

Jessie said...

Hi Rosie,
I can't remember the name of the shop I bought mine, but just googled it and found it here:
Hope this helps!

Kim said...

Hello Jess,

Will you tell me more about this weather stick? Did you make it? Is it a particular kind of wood? Does it work anywhere? At any rate, I think it is very cool. In the US, my guess is it would be all over the place!

I really love your garden. It truly makes me long for those beautiful gardens of England and miss my dear English neighbor lady. Your garden is so beautiful. Do you know Wurzerl? A German woman who has a fabulous garden and writes a very interesting blog about it.

Thanks for sharing this lovely part of your life here, Jess!

ruthie said...

Your garden looks beautiful, i havent been out in my for a while, we have a wasps nest out there, and last weekend when jake & his pals tried to camp out, they all got stung loads! love the colours of virginia creeper when it turns have a lovely week x ruthie

Jessie said...

Hi Kim, no I didn't make I bought it from a shop (see link above afetr Rosie's comment). Thanks for your kind words about my garden, it's still fairly sunny today but I know the warm days are numbered now!
Thanks Ruthie, I've not been out in ours very much recently either, I think that's why it's got so overgrown!... oh dear I don't like wasps at all! We had a wasps nest many years ago, very scary!

Kim said...

Thanks Jess, I am off to explore! What fun! I am also loving your frogs and the "Strong" Illustration Friday Drawings! It seems like you are getting stuck in nicely now!