Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Evolution of a Painting

I'm very happy to say that I've finished the painting I've been working on over the past few weeks, yay! 
Sometimes a painting can take so long that I imagine it'll never reach the end! This one was made during some challenging personal times and maybe that's one of the reasons it took me so long to finish. The strange thing is, that throughout the making of it I kept on thinking of the word 'peachy' and although I felt far from peachy, I decided it would make a nice title for it so I've decided to call it 'Feeling Peachy'!
Here's what it looked like at the very beginning, acombination of collage papers and acrylic paint. I fell in love with that beautiful patch of orange quite quickly and my feelings didn't change as you will see!

I painted the sky mauve and the beginnings of buildings and trees were appearing.

Here's a close-up showing the house I painted, a stage further than the last picture, it looked like it was here to stay but providence had other ideas!
I paint intuitively and therefore have no plan of the subject matter or what colours will dominate. I make layer upon layer of shapes and drawing until I feel there's a harmony throughout the picture.
The imagery reveals itself to me as I'm working. I love the layering effect because I feel it gives so much depth and mystery to the painting. This can take a long time but it's a way of working that can occasionally happen quickly or like this painting, can take an age!

And so it had to be. The big house had to go and in its place seemed to be a smaller green one. At this stage I was trying to convince myself the painting was finished but I kept getting niggling feelings about the way the little green house overlapped the lighter house on the right hand side. I wasn't comfortable with it.

So I changed it...

I also removed the row of green flowers that were on the left hand side and added more detail to the patch of green next to my sacred patch of orange. ;)

I'm very happy with the outcome, it always amazes me that throughout the process a painting can look to me such a mess a lot of the time and then things begin to click into place until finally everything is as it should be.
And that's the reason we do it isn't it? :)

I'm not going to be offering this painting for sale yet because it's going to be part of an exhibition I'm having with another artist in Devon. More about that in a future post. Please click here for more details.

If you find that you quite like this painting and would like to have it as a beautifully framed print or a tote bag or a rug (yes a rug!) or something else, I've listed it for you in my Society6 shop. Do pop over and have a browse, there's loads to see! 
So I'll leave you with a few examples below and say a big thankyou for coming here today and for reading down the post to get this far. :) I've been quite ill this week but I'm slowly recovering. It's nice to have reached the weekend and have time to relax a bit isn't it? I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy looking at my new designs. xx

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Prints for Autumn

So autumn is finally here. I love the sunshine this time of year, the long shadows and low magical sunlight. Having said that, every year I try to resist the fact that summer is over, wanting the season to stretch as long as it can but this year I'm making new plans for my shop and retocking it with lots of new items!

I've been asked many times if I have prints available from my paintings so I thought it was about time I stocked up the shop with oodles of them!
 Each one is printed on Epsom archival matte photographic paper and the colours are clear and bright, hard to tell them from the originals.

Each one is printed A4 size and have a white border to make framing easy. Please click here to take you to the print section of my Etsy shop. ~ There are lots to choose from!

Now September has started, I'm starting to work on bigger paintings again, playing with paint and colours. I shall be back soon to show you my progress.
See you then! xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Home and Away

 The change of the seasons are almost upon us and as I look back over the past weeks I've had a lovely summer with days filled with nature, the countryside and the sea. Lots of inspiration for new images!

Today is the first of September and real life commences back at home with a new routine and trying to get up at an earlier hour each day which is some mean feat for me let me tell you!

This September beginning today, I'm going to be listing new prints in my Etsy shop. They're a lovely quality and are printed on Epsom archival matte paper. Each one is A4 size with a white border for easy framing.

I've shown you just a few here but over the next couple of weeks I'll be listing new ones in the shop daily so please pop over and have a look when you have a moment, there could be the very one you've been looking for!
Please click here to see the prints currently listed. (more soon!) xx

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Marvellous Machines at the Seaside

I've just come back from one of my favourite places, can you tell where it is from the picture above? ;)

We stayed right next to the harbour which had beautiful views and just a step away from the beach.

If you've been to St Ives you'll know how lovely the shops are, so many hand-made goodies for sale!
One shop I like to look in is called Kudos. Click here to see the treasures inside! It's an Aladdin's cave of beautiful artifacts. Just look what I saw in the garden there!...

 And if that wasn't enough, there was even a lifesize mermaid! How amazing would it be to have this in your garden?!

One of the reasons I love St Ives is Porthmeor beach, it has the best sunsets. I'd love to show you a dazzling example but the evenings were a little overcast and I only had my phone with me. I hope this gives you some idea...

I really don't mind if it's not sunny every day when I'm in Cornwall. One of the days it rained so heavily that we decided to go in the car to Falmouth. I knew that Falmouth Art Gallery has a collection of Pre-Raphaelite art and when I saw they only had the one on display I was quite disappointed for a moment.
That was before we stepped into the next room and saw a lovely exhibition of the work of children's illustrator Rodney Peppe!

 You might be thinking these aren't illustrations and no they're not. It was actually his automata that I loved.

There were so many to see but I made a little video of my favourite ones. It's only 1½ minutes long, have a look! :) ...

You might have noticed my Etsy shop is closed at the moment. This will be just until the end of August when I shall reopen with lots of new items for you.
See you again soon! xx

Friday, 24 July 2015

Lakes, Houses and Peter Rabbit.

I've just returned from somewhere that I've never visited before but have often wondered what it was like there, The Lake District, in northwest England.

 Coniston Water

It's a long drive, about 4 hours north but well worth the journey. The weather was quite overcast, apparently they get a lot of rain there but that's a good thing when you see how very green it is!

 Lake Windermere

We found a lovely place to spend the evening, at the edge of Lake Windermere is Waterhead. The sun peeped out for moments while I took these pictures.

Not far from Lake Windermere is a farmhouse built in 1626 called Townend. The interior is so lovely, here are some photos I took while I was looking around.

the kitchen

The large glass jar would be filled with water and placed in front of the candles to magnify the light on dark days and evenings. Great idea, I must try that sometime.

 Lovely carvings everywhere on beautiful dark wood 
and cosy bedrooms.
Although probably quite cold in reality. :)

Finally I'll show you my favourite place of all during my visit to the lakes, the little village of Near Sawrey

We visited the house of Beatrix Potter and had a stroll around the village looking for images from her books.

Here's the gate from her book 'The Tale of Tom Kitten'.

View from the vegetable garden of Beatrix Potter's house 'Hilltop'.

She took images from the house and village for her illustrations and included details like the beehive and the iron gate you see in the picture above and inside Hilltop, the furniture and rooms.
After she was married she moved to a house opposite Hilltop called 'Castle Cottage' but still used Hilltop for storing her drawings and for inspiration.

Castle Cottage, Near Sawrey, Cumbria

 Hilltop was left to the National Trust after her death with the understanding that it was to be kept in its present condition for others to enjoy.
And enjoy it I did!

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter at the front door of Hilltop.

Thankyou Beatrix. :)