Friday, 3 July 2009

Hot Diddley Dot

Thank you so much lovely people for helping me out with my scanning problem. Here's a pot of tea to share with me as my way of saying thanks ;)

It's soooooooo hot and I'm too hot to do anything much even though things call to me to be done constantly. Our weather stick is looking happy though! It's an amazing thing, when the weather will be fine, it looks like this but when rain or cooler weather is on the way, it points downwards. The same principle as a fir cone I suppose except a bit more dramatic!

No sign of it changing yet.

It was too hot to sit outside for very long yesterday, PLUS I wanted to sketch really quickly to avoid fussing over it. I just sat down and sketched whatever was in front of me.

This is what was in front of me.


Rosie said...

I had to laugh. As I look over under the table I see "How to draw and sell digital cartoons" lying on the scanner. I put it there yesterday to scan you a page on scanning pictures bigger than your scanner. Do you still need it?

Jessie said...

That sounds interesting! I've got some good advice about joining them together in Photoshop but any advice is good! :)

Lisa said...

So that's a weather stick. I'd never seen one. Interesting! Love your sketch and thanks for the tea. :)

Shirley said...

Hi Jessie
just wanted to say that I'm happy to have discovered your lovely blog - and have chosen you for an award..check out my blog for more info.
...have a wonderful weekend!

soulbrush said...

you and my hubby love your tea, for me it's only water in this heat..super chair....would you be interested in joining 6 of us in an autumn artbook exchange project? let me know

Kim McBirnie said...

I love you sketch! Where on earth did you come across a weather stick, it looks amazing. It is really hot still here, and I wish it would rain as the allotment is as dry as a bone. Never satisfied!
Kim xx

Owen said...

Would love a cup of tea, if there's any left :-D

In all my years and travels have never heard of a weather stick ! Does it really work ??? Would love to hear more about the inner workings of a weather stick... gosh, is there a tiny barometer in the base, that instead of having a needle turn, it winds up or lets out a small chain in the stick ??? Hard to imagine no mechanical process, unless it's something akin to the way sunflowers follow the sun across the heavens ? Purely natural expansion or contraction of cells in the wood??? Or just plain magic ?

joanne May said...

Where on earth do you buy a weather stick?
Did you make it Jessie?
I have never heard of one before. Very interesting!:)


Jessie said...

Thanks everyone! I bought it in a shop that sold all kinds of unusual things. Can't remember the name of it but it was in the 'Galleries' Mall in Bristol. It's a natural object and appears to be a small branch. Sorry I'm not even sure what kind of wood but it's very sensitive to changes in the weather and works all year round. We've had it for a few years now and moved it to different places and it still works really well!x