Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Where is my Muse?

Do you ever have a time set aside for making art and for some inexplicable reason, you feel stuck and can't paint? Well that's been me. My muse appears to have gone on holiday! While I await the return, I've been doing other creative-type things to help me keep sane.
'Sane' you ask? Yes and I know I'm not alone in this. I've spoken to other painters who feel the need to be in the creative process otherwise they get a little difficult to be around (to put it politely!)

I've redecorated the sitting room and bought a lovely garland to hang on the wall. I love it!
(click on the photos to see them bigger.)

It makes me happy just to look at it. :)

I've bought a new frame for the etching I won in a recent giveway and now it looks just right.

When you feel unable to paint or create in your usual way, what do you do to stay in the creative mode?


Carol said...

Hi Jessie, yes, your Muse has probably started her summer holidays, hope she comes back soon.
Sadly I am no painter, my crafts are gardening, crocheting, knitting and sewing; when one doesn't 'get' me one of the others usually steps forward...... or I come on the computer and read the lovely crafty blogs, that usually inspires me.
Love your garland.
Carol xx

Jessie said...

Thanks Carol, mine take their turn to step forward too, I know what you mean! I've usually got a few things in the go at any one time but I wanted to do some painting today and it just didn't happen! :)

busybusybeejay said...

Looking through books usually gets me going or looking at what others are doing.I'm no artist more a craft person.I always have to have a couple of projects on the go.

Love your curtains!!

WrightStuff said...

Hmm sometimes I browse other artists' websites looking for inspiration. Other times I look through all the art books I buy but never get around to reading. If being too close to art gets me even more frustrated then I read a book, watch a movie or, if things get really bad, clean the house!

Sandra van Doorn said...

Jessie i think it's in the air! i too have a project i was so close to finishing and... i'm stuck! i decided to take time off; go for a bike ride, walk the streets with my camera and take pictures, read...and wait. i'm sure there is a purpose to it!! hope your muse comes back fast!
x sandra

Karen said...

I think your muse has probably started it's summer holidays early as someone else mentioned. It must be time to stand with feet in the sea and soak up a that mermaid magic! At least you have used your time well. Love the garland,your home looks so colourful and pretty. :) x

Tammie Lee said...

Your new garland is lovely as can be!
Nature tends to be a muse for me, not so much for my art, but for my poetry and photography. Then there is watching art videos on YouTube or looking at art books. Cooking is art to me.... it goes on and on. wishing you a wonderful time while your muse is off playing.

Anonymous said...

Your home looks so dreamy too! Love the colours and wooden floor. You have a an eye for lookin good!!!!
The garland is amazing!
I'm sure your muse will run back home after knowing about your room!
Maybe we're all ready for a change or growing spurt of some sorts? Not sure what, but its loomin in the attic of our brains some where!
Huge hug!

Me said...

So, when you find your muse, can you ask her if mine is there...hiding somewhere!? Your home is lovely, and that frame is perfect for the picture. Your new blog banner is G o r g e o u s!!! Now that banner is a muse for me to create a new one..... Think I will get drawing today! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Although our arty/crafty styles are very different yours always inspires me to think more colourfully and also happier, so whilst I wouldn't go as far as suggesting you're a muse you do have an impact if I'm stuck, so BIG THANKS!

Heather said...

Oh yes, I know it well! Luckily I know enough now to know it will come back. Usually just going out and about and living life brings mine back. Listening to music, watching movies, reading, all these things trigger ideas for me and so that's where I head to when my well has run dry.

naomi orana said...

Absolutely LOVE the garland!
You have a wonderful home :-)
I completely understand about your muse suddenly disappearing.
Personally, I go through my sketch book and will try to find a ghost of an idea in the sketches and notes. As always, one thing leads to another ....

wishing you all the best :-)

Jessie said...

Thankyou all for your thoughts. :)
I have had a muse visitation and I hope to have more very soon! I'll show you my new musings as they emerge.xx

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I think it is healthy to NOT paint sometimes....if we obsess about NOT painting it somehow loses it´s magicalness..for me anyway. I honestly don´t worry about it as I have soooo many,,,tooo many:) creative addictions that I just bind some books or make some cards, etc...but I NEVER clean house:) Maybe I should get her to visit me when she is not in the urge to paint:) Plus, a visit to my favorite art supply store,,,,art heaven,,,will do the trick everytime. I could never work in a place like that. They could never find me as I´d go hide in the aisles and play with all the supplies. I think they would fire me after the first week:) How are you feeling by my comment is days later:)