Sunday, 12 June 2011

Illustration Friday: Swept

I don't know whether it's all this heavy rain pouring down today that influenced me but I originally painted this illustration with very bright warm colours!
I quite like the effect the of the monochrome. It gives it a different atmosphere doesn't it?

Here's the original colourful version. Which do you prefer?

I'm going to be listing this on Ebay later if you'd like to buy the original. The bidding will start at just 99p so it's a chance to snap up a bargain!


I had a lovely surprise in the post yesterday. A parcel arrived from my talented blogging friend Pati. I was a winner in her recent giveaway and won a lovely etching print!

Thankyou Pati! :))
You can see more of her lovely artwork here.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful IF for this week. I think I like the color more...just because it is so vibrant...I love the sketch...a great take on "Swept"

Charlotte said...

I love the monochrome, I have a thing for black and white, sepia and any other simple toned pieces.

Kim Mailhot said...

This is going to sound wishywashy ( I am a Libra afterall ! ;) ) but I like them both. The monochrome one reminds me of the sea somehow and the colorful one makes me feel joyous. Love the sweeping...
Congrats on the giftie !

Lins Artyblobs said...

Both nice, but I prefer the colourful one.

WrightStuff said...

I know what you mean about the rain... it hasn't stopped all day here, just mizzly drizzly yuk!

Both gorgeous but the colourful one has real spark.

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful, I really can't decide which is my favorite.

Clare said...

the first more moody colours create the feeling of sweeping away things better left in the past. the colour art work is more light and playful - both work, both tell a story - just a very different story.

Tammie said...

they are both wonderful. I think the colored one is my favorite. Congratulations on the give away winning!

Anonymous said...

Jessie, what a beautiful fly away summery girl! Just what we need on this rainy day! I like both different versions, you can see how deep your work is and experience the power in both.
Congratulations on your gift also. Wow, what a post!

Karen said...

Hi Jessie. What a rainy day it's been... Didn't stop here all day. A great Illustration and I think I prefer the top one. :) x

Melissa Mackie said...

hi....I prefer the top one but I do favour analogous colours.Lovely illo,

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful whimsical illustrations!

rachel awes said...

both sweep away my heart,
of course, from gorrrgeous you...
&; if i must chose, it would be
the monochrome..somehow it pulls
in stronger my intuitive-dreaming-
self more. it looks like a soul-story. LOVE. xox

Jessie said...

Thankyou for your thoughts. :)You are all so kind.x
Clare, you might be onto something there...;)

Linda Hensley said...

I like the color version best. I wish I could master sweeping with 2 brooms at once!

Patti said...

love the whimsy and color of this.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Color! It's lively and really well balanced. I am attracted to the mono, but I do prefer the color. You have done it well!

Rosie said...

I would like a T-shirt with those birds all over it.

eimear brennan said...

Hi there, i really like your colour version, I'm always drawn to colour more than anything. That etching! gorgeous, what a lovely surprise!

Jessie said...

Thankyou! :))
Rosie, I will get round to it one day - I will!
Sorry I still can't comment on some of the blogs. This technical hitch seems to have stayed too long for my liking! Any ideas anyone?xx

Shine Bose said...

nice one .i love the green one

Kiki aka Victoria said... are truly stunning and unique! Beautiful! I love it! yay..enjoy your new treasures! wonderful!

Robin Harney said...

I definitely like the colorful one more. But it holds up well in monochrome! I agree with Clare that they both tell their own stories. The monochrome one seems more melancholy, like a wistful dream.

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Carol said...

Love "Swept" and prefer the colour one, it sings!
Carol xx