Thursday, 5 August 2010


Thankyou for stopping by to see what I've been up to! :)
As you might have wondered, I've not been home long enough to do any blogging recently, so I'm glad you're here today so I can show you where I've been.

We had a lovely walk in the Malverns with my brother and neice. (She's the small one.)A beautiful place and I surprised myself by getting to the top of the hill which let me tell you was not on my planned agenda!We stopped in Tewkesbury for a lovely reward for all that walking. A delicious piece of carrot cake and milk shakes. Cup of tea for me.In between my adventures, I've been making some little paintings using my Inktense pencils. I love their rich colours which spring to life when you add water, great fun!

We had a boat trip along the river Dart last week too. They served free cake and tea, a trip to do again I think!


Dyche Designs said...

Looks like you've had a great time.

Marilyn said...

Your walk looked and sounded wonderful, I love days like that - being out and about in an awesome area with family. What could be better.
And I like your art, such lovely colours.

Dave said...

How nice to read about your walk on the Malverns Jessie, I have been up that pathway many many times and your right it is a beautiful place.
Near the Hills