Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Passion of the Paint

Here's an interesting short film about the artist Naomi Frears in Cornwall talking about her passion for painting. I found it inspiring and so I thought I'd share it here :)


Kim said...

Oh Jess, this is so inspirational. I am so glad you found her and this video. I love how she speaks about her future and the direction of her work...what she feels and thinks, but remaining open to the possibilities. I also am inspired to pull out those sketchbooks and see what hits me, you know? I am not good with going back to see from where I have come, but that is important to jog the memory for some new stuff, don't you think?

So are you going to pull out the canvas again? :) I can't seem to give them up. I suppose I am not ready, yet.

Thanks again, Jess for making sure I see this...your intuition was spot on about me and this video.

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Kim, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. You don't have to give up canvases!!!

sukipoet said...

great video! I enjoyed it so much and will listen again.