Monday, 27 April 2009

A Busy Weekend

Carenza turned 12 on sunday so it's been a weekend of back to back birthday celebrations. I'm very tired today so can only manage this little doodle. And no, I had nothing to drink if that's what you're thinking!


Kim said...

Hello Jess,

You may have had nothing to drink, but I bet you thought about it! :) I can't imagine but you would not be exhausted with a weekend of 12 year old birthday celebrations happening...what? With family and friends it had to be overwhelming! Okay, so I know it would be for me!

I love this drawing...she looks like the wise mother who only wants the best for her children, even if it does her in sometimes.

It sounds to me like you are a woman with her priorities in perfect go and put your feet up for the rest of the day!


Buskitten said...

Carenza - what an absolutely beautiful name Jessie! I hope you all had a lovely Birthday weekend. Your doodle is wonderful, as always full of that lovely quality of design that only you have! You must definately get in to textile design Jessie!

jeff34 said...

Ce style de dessin au trait est très réussi ! J'aime beaucoup ton travail ! Je ne m'en lasse pas ! Bravissimo !
This style of drawings in trait is very successful! I like your job very much! I do not grow tired of it! Bravissimo!


Jeff lib !

Nicola said...

I really like your doodle! You definitly have a unique style and I always look forward to checking your blog! Well done for producing anything after such a busy weekend!!!

Jessie Lilac said...

Thanks Kim, you're right, it was a bit overwhelming! That's a lovely description you gave of this drawing, thankyou :)

Thanks Liz, I'll definitely have a think about it.

Merci beaucoup Jeff!

Thanks Nicola that's so kind. :)