Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Arrival of the Mermaids; aka.The Evolution of the Fish.

I've been making mermaid door signs.
I wasn't always making mermaid door signs. Shall I tell you how it all began?

It started with an idea of making wooden fish shapes to hang as decoration.

The idea I had was to paint them in bright sea-sidey colours once they'd been cut out and sanded.

 It was fun painting them and I was pleased with the results. I hung some beads on them in matching colours for the finishing touch.

Then a lot of time passed.

I liked what I'd already made but after time, other arty things distracted me so the rest of the fishy shapes stayed in a cupboard for longer than I'd like to admit to you here. 😉
So the day came along when I felt like painting some more fish again so out of the cupboard they came, I painted an undercoat of blue on them while they awaited their fishy patternings.

I love this colour blue, they could have stayed like this and I could have added a pretty thread and beads but by this stage another idea had taken over my imagination...

Yes, I decided to make them into mermaids! If you've read  >this post here< then you'll know that I've had a lifelong love of mermaid images

and of course I've always loved glitter! What better place to have glitter than a mermaid's tail!

I thought it would nice for each of the mermaids to be holding a sign with a personalised name or phrase so that they can be hung on a door...

or on the wall...

 I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I only have 2 left in my Etsy shop so if you like them too you can have one with any name or phrase you like. Please >click here< to see.

Thanks so much for looking and for reading down this far on this slightly longer post than usual! I wish you a very happy rest of the week.xx


Els said...

Ahhhhh JESS !!! these are sooooooooooo CUTE !!!

Country Rabbit said...

how beautiful jess, your art is so beautiful and bright, its a real joy to catch up on your posts here ;) xx