Thursday, 17 March 2016

Choosing Colours

And so I reach the end of another colourful blanket.

This one was only going to be a shawl but I didn't really want to stop at that point so it carried on getting bigger and bigger until it was a decent sized blanket, fit for a single bed! I love putting the colours together, choosing which one I'm going to use next, pure joy.
Now I've swamped my entire family with them I was thinking maybe I could make them to sell. What do you think?

My sketchbook drawings continue each day. I love choosing the colours for these too but I don't find it as easy because paint colours are limitless and choosing balls of wool not so much, I have only the wool from my stash to choose from.

Of course choosing which pen to use is a bit like picking out a colour from my wool stash.

I have purple glitter yarn and now I have a purple glitter pen! 

This is one done with Intense pencils. I tried to limit the colours but as soon as water gets on them they're so lovely to blend together and make even more combinations!

 I filled in the background with black pens, I love how it makes the colours stand out and gives a whole new feeling to the picture.
I wonder what colours I'll use today?
What are your favourite colours at the moment? 

Jess xx


Els said...

You're doing well Jess : choosing colours !
In drawing and in your crochet !
(the Noro choose for me, that was easy ;-) ...)

Wood Fairy said...

Hello Jessie, I noticed you are following my blog and came to see yours. You have a wonderful style of painting and use of colour and your crochet I am sure will sell, everyone now is looking for handmade homely things and a crochet rug in delicious colours like this is very desirable. Betty

Paper rainbow said...

oooooh another beautiful blanket! Yes you should sell them!! I am working on a spring coloured blanket atm. Loved the peep inside your sketchbook.

carolann said...

Your a master in all your talent Jessie. I love colors too.

I love peeping through your blogs.

I made 6 Albums for my Grandchildren. I made also fro friends and family birthdays.

Now that I have moved into senior home with hubby.

I took all my art supplies to Good will.

I did bring some things but very little.

My eye had a bad result from a Cataract so My sight
is limited.

Long story not need to go into it. These things happen.

I do put up my view large when I do dig art and then put it down to enter on my themes.