Saturday, 12 March 2016

Acrylic Backgrounds for Drawings

As you might already know from reading my recent posts, I love using pens to draw with. I've got quite a good selection now thanks to christmas and my birthday ;) but the ones I love the most are the ones that will sit on top of a darker colour. This 2 page sketchbook spread above was done with a layer of acrylic paint before I added the detail with my Posca pens.

These pages above have a layer of collage paper and acrylic inks as a background. I used my Sakura Souffle pens for the lighter lines but then I remembered my trusty old Sharpies. I'd almost forgotten all about them in my new found love! They don't stay as bright as I'd like when you draw over a dark background but on the white areas of the paper the colour sings.

The background of these were done with my FW inks. I wanted something quite bright and fluid and when you spray them with water, you can get lovely effects and blending.

Another background you can use is Neocolor crayons. I love how rich the colours are and by adding water, they spread over the whole page like paint.

I've never tried drawing onto a Neocolor background before so I didn't know how the pens would behave. The waxiness didn't stop me from being able to use my white Posca pen, or the Sakura pens!

In case you were wondering what the red squiggly lines were drawn with, I used a chopstick drawn into the wet blue paint. :)
I hope I've given you some ideas to try out. 
Have a lovely weekend! xx


Connie said...

Very interesting, I truly love the techniques that you are using and the thought that you are sweet and would share them with us. Beautiful journal.
Have a great weekend.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

rossichka said...

Dear Jessie, you seem more inspired and enthusiastic than ever!:) I don't know the differences between the pens and pencils you use, but I can see what they lead you to - experimenting, bright paintings and numerous wonderful variations of your beloved themes.:)
I like to watch your videos.
Hope Spring will fill your heart with joy very soon.:))

Alexandra said...

I've not yet quite hopped on board with our tight drawing with a pen! lol Either way, your work is lovely. I'm always amazed at the amount of layers you put into your paintings. Your end results are absolutely stunning and moving. :)

the woolly dog said...

Your paintings are beautiful kind of magical looking.

Tammie Lee said...

fun to hear how you went about these. I am guessing the Posca pens are acrylic paint/ink. Fun. Sharpies are also acrylic.

these are lovely and lively Jess.

carolann said...

Your work is beautiful with the pens.

A blogger dropping in.

I will add you to my side bar on my blog.