Monday, 1 February 2016

Tewkesbury Abbey and Some Doodling

This top picture I started by drawing a circle within a circle. I found that having a particular shape to fill was easier than filling a rectangle which is the usual shape for a picture isn't it?

Would you like to see some more pages from my sketchbook that were done in the past few days?

Here's a 2 page spread where I used just black pen and experimented with different shapes and patterns.

The painting on the lefthand page was copied from a book about Beatrix Potter that I'm reading at the moment, from one of the illustrations of her watercolour studies. Since she was very young she did many studies from nature, the book has loads of lovely illustrations of her early work as well as the more well known paintings. I should blog about it one of these days but for those of you who can't wait that long ;) it's called Beatrix Potter, 188-1943, The Artist and her World. Published for the National Trust by F.Warne & Co.

Here are some close up pictures from my sketchbook.

Yesterday it was cold and rainy and I didn't want to stay in all day so we decided to visit Tewkesbury and have a wander around the town.
 It was very cold!
So we went into the Abbey and saw the beautiful interior.

I first noticed the beautiful ceiling with various interesting stone carvings in the pattern. 

 Each ceiling boss had an intricately carved angel playing a musical instrument.
 These pictures were taken from some distance with my shaky hands and humble camera so forgive the blurriness!

The heater inside the Abbey was quite spectacular! It was lovely to see the lovely victorian radiator still being used.

It was great to see the enormous pipes of the organ. I wouldn't like to stand here while it's playing though, it would probably blow me back out of the door!

Beauty all around....

Thankyou for visiting today! xx

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Paper rainbow said...

I just love the peep inside your sketchbook. I visited tewsbury abbey a few years ago I was at re enactment festival with friends. I thought it was a lovely town with so much history!