Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Morning Sketches

Here are some pages from my sketchbook that I've done over the past few days. This one's done with watercolour and I've added details with my Sakura pens. I love how you can draw with them on top of another colour.

 This drawing I did with a black pen and watercolour. I've made a little video of the process if you'd like to see....

Once again I didn't keep the bottom part of the drawing within the screen! It seems to be a different size screen on Youtube from my camera, so next time I'll have to remember that!

I hope you all have a lovely week and the sun pops its head out for you  now and again. At least the seagulls are happy!
Bye for now. xx


Tammie Lee said...

such lovely and happy sketches.

Jenna Michelle Pink said...

Some lovely sketches :)

Deborah Sheehy said...

Lovely Jess, the colours are beautiful! I love the idea of filming your process as well,great idea :) xx

Martina said...

Dear Jess, thank you for sharing this little video -your watercolor and black pen technique makes a very nice effect and is just wonderful for sketches that have yet a "finished" look. Often, the best inspiration goes into the sketches, so it's worth making an effort to get them as good as we can. Love the happy spring mood of your recent diary pages, yes flowers!
Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post - hope you have an inspiring weekend!

Mary said...

Hi Jess, I was thrilled to find your blog and have the chance to view your beautiful art, and especially your technique via the video.

I've become a 'follower' for two reasons. . . . . to continue looking at your wonderful paintings, and because I'm from Torquay (live in US) and my dad was from Brixham! Seeing you standing by the harbour was lovely - we were there last June with our youngest granddaughter (19) when we came over for the visit to Torquay. When home I always take the ferry to Brixham, have a look around, a fresh crab sandwich, and visit Bill Stockman - you know his harbourside gallery I'm sure - as his dad and my dad were best friends from childhood.

I'll be looking forward to more pix of Devon and the bay area - sadly we won't be over this Spring as we are planning a trip to Ireland where my husband's paternal grandparents came from - and of course viewing your lovely art. I still get homesick despite having emigrated over 50 years ago!

Hope you will stop by my blog when you have time - I don't paint, but I take a lot of photos of my travels, and I love art and creative people!
Happy almost Spring.
Mary -