Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Silver Strands

First of all an apology to those of you I've confused with my new blog. I've decided to return to this one as it's the one you all know (and hopefully love !) Normal posting will resume here and I'm planning to post much more regularly than I have in the past.

So what have I been up to?

 At the weekend we found ourselves near Castle Combe.

 It's a very pretty village in south of the cotswolds in Wiltshire and has been used as a film location for various films: Doctor Doolittle, Warhorse and one of my favourite films, Stardust.

A path in the churchyard led us to the very beautiful hotel there, the Manor House Hotel.

This picture shows just a small section of the building. I love the rooftops with all their finials and gables. There's something about old rooftops that intrigues me, no idea why but I could stare at them for ages.

Back at home I've been continuing with my morning doodles,

 this one is based on the image 'The Fool'. Yes, it's been that kind of a week. ;)
One morning I woke to the beautiful sunshine streaming through the window but soon became stopped in my tracks when I looked in the mirror and saw to my surprise some silver strands in my hair!

With the mixture of gold and silver on the top of my head I felt like a christmas decoration and it wasn't a good feeling I can tell you!

This was a few days ago and I'm getting used to it now so I'm over the shock you'll be pleased to know. I was worried that each day I'd get more until I was totally white but so far it's still the same. ;) I think it must have been like that for a while and it was only the bright sun that showed them up.

*The mug in the top photo is one of the designs from my Society6 shop. To see more of my mugs please click here. :)

Thankyou so much for your visit here today, I wish you a very happy rest of the week. xx


busybusybeejay said...

Castle Combe is so pretty.Love it.I started getting white hairs in my early forties and am now completely white .I love it.

Down by the sea said...

Your mug is so lovely I did wonder whether you had created it and then found the answer at the bottom of your post! I love your doodles, my drawing never comes out as I hope so I try and capture things through photography instead! I have always wanted to visit Castle Combe so I enjoyed your visit here. Sarah x

CJ said...

Daylight can be a bit of a shocker can't it. Lovely to see Castle Coombe, it's so pretty. Somewhere I love to visit, although I haven't been for a while. Must go again soon. Love your "doodle", although that seems too casual a word for something so good. CJ xx

Gina said...

If only I only had a few silver hairs! Although I rather like my silver hair. Castle Coombe looks lovely

Kyra Wilson said...

I love that architecture! As far as the "hair glitter", well, I've had that going on since I had kids! :)

Tammie Lee said...

loved seeing those windy roads and charming old buildings.
your joker is wonderful. I remember the first time i saw white hair it is a little surprising. Change....

denthe said...

That looks like a delightful little village! Love your morning doodle, although I wouldn't call it a doodle :-)

Giggles said...

Jess I love your Fool...she is gorgeous...and I had to chuckle about the hair thing...you can fix it...I did a few days ago. Or leave it!! Great illustrations and I LOVE those photos..wow incredible. I showed Cupcake and she said the architecture is why she fell in love with the UK! Great post thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles