Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Weekend with Storm Imogen

Hello! I've had a lovely couple of days in Cornwall but before I tell you about that, let me show you what I've been doing. In between 'proper' work assignments I'm still doing my daily sketches. This one's made with Prismacolor pencils, they're my new favourites. My old favourites were a cheap set of WHS coloured pencils which I thought were amazing but they really don't get much of a look in these days now I've discovered the Prismacolors! They're so lovely and waxy and even on this thin paged sketchbook you can get lovely rich colours.
I've made a little video of me in action. Would you like to see?

The day before we left for Cornwall I made a very springlike drawing (above). At the time of drawing this the weather was quite the opposite, much wind and rain and so dark I could hardly see what I was doing.
There was much talk on the news about Storm Imogen so I might have guessed our stay at the Cornish Coast would be a little wet and windy but I didn't expect it to be quite as dramatic as this!....

This was high tide at Sennen. We were safely up on the road and very close to the car so we could watch the waves at a relatively safe distance, unlike our visit to Lamorna Cove earlier that day...

Lamorna Cove

See that wave coming in? It completely covered the carpark so there was no choice than to make a very quick exit!

Lamorna's had a lot of damage in past storms. I felt quite sorry for it seeing the waves bash everything around yet again.
You can't argue with nature can you?!

St Michael's Mount, Marazion.

The weather changed every few minutes. Glorious sunshine, then moments later heavy rain and hailstones. The one constant was the wind! I love Cornwall whatever time of year and whatever the weather. 
I hope to be able to go back before too long. xx


Els said...

Ahhhhh such fun to "see" you drawing ;-)

Hi, hi, hi, that silly goat !

And oh my that STORM !!!! I hope you stayed dry !
Those crossing waves ... !
(it was storm here too, but by far not as bad as over there with you !)

Paper rainbow said...

We certainly are having a dreadful winter.I hope spring arrives soon! Loved seeing your photos.

Kyra Wilson said...

That's quite some wind whipping the waves up there!

juliaD said...

Hi Jessie, Thank you for your lovely words of support, it is very much appreciated, loved the video of your drawing, the prisma colours are so vibrant as you said, and loved seeing your gorgeous art done with them.
I'd love to know what camera you are using to make your videos,etc?
x. Julia