Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Forest Painting and Some Woolly Ramblings.

'Edge of the Forest', mixed media on canvas.

 This week I've been working on another landscape painting, this one's on canvas and believe it or not started out its life with a big boat in the foreground covered in roses. I thought I'd taken a photo of it at that stage but I've looked through all my pictures and it doesn't look like I have. I'm afraid you're just going to have to imagine what that looked like, sorry!

This one was worked on in the same way as before, building up layers of paint and collage paper, aiming all the while for a balance of shapes and colours. I finally came to a point where I decided that the cottage needed a doorway.

 Here's a close-up (above) of how the cottage looked at this stage, I liked it like this but I felt it needed a door.

So here it is with a door and with the walls painted a brighter shade of peachy orange and the green tree to the left a little more finished. I'd changed the foliage against the house at this stage too but still I wasn't happy with it.
That tiny little yellow bush, lovely though it is, had to go...

I added a couple of tree-like forms in front of the cottage and made more of the dark green shape underneath.
It was now complete.

I'm going to be exhibiting this painting in Dartmouth during December along with my friend Peri. I'll post more about that soon.

I'm still not well but a whole lot better than last time I posted here. I've had some lovely peaceful walks along the coast to blow the cobwebs away and I've been spending the evenings with some lovely colourful wool.
Shall I show you what I've been making?

I fnally finished my jumper. I started this months ago but I'm very happy to say it was finished just in time for the colder weather! I haven't made a jumper for myself since I was in my early twenties and although I used exactly the same knitting pattern as I used then, I had to make it a couple of sizes bigger to accommodate several years of indulgence. ;)

I made a pair of fingerless gloves for Middle Daughter. She works outside some of the time and I thought these would come in handy. This looks like the same yarn as the jumper doesn't it? It's not. I unwittingly seem to go for the same colours each time. (In fact I've just bought some new yarn that looks like both the ones in my jumper AND the mittens, oh well.)

Finally, I'm using up my colourful collection of acrylic to cover some tatty old cushions. I've nearly finished the second one that you see there. 
If you're a knitter or crocheter, you might like to find me on Ravelry where I post my woolly makings.

Bye for now, thankyou for coming to visit and enjoy the rest of the week! xx


Merlesworld said...

Jumper is great I like ones with lots of colour.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Jesse, your work is happy and full of year-round spring. You make me happy! Love the cottage nestled in the wooded land of your mind.

Els said...

Ha : your colourful self ;-))

Paper rainbow said...

I loved watching your painting evolve. Who would have thought a boat once graced the foreground. Your crotchet is beautiful as always. My ' cast off blanket' which I made when I broke my foot was inspired by your blankets and cushions. I'm not a fan of granny squares but I love stripes.

rossichka said...

Dear Jessie, your colourful world always lifts up my spirit!:) I guess it plays an invisible role in your recovering! Your knitting patterns, as well as your drawings, are full of so much joy and energy!
I'm just thinking that it's time to take my knitiing needles, too...
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Linda said...

Gorgeous paintings and lovely photos. Your header is stunning!