Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

It's finally here and what an entrance! A glorious warm sunny day today following the excitement from yesterday of the solar eclipse. It must mean that new starts and changes are afoot don't you think?
My paintings seem to have changed with the lovely sunshine. What do you know? I've found myself painting flowers again.

(close-up crop)

(side view showing the deep sided canvas)

Here's my new painting hanging on the wall. I love my purple walls. :)
It's called 'Morning Revelation' and measures 12 x 6inches, which is 30 x 15cm. It's painted on box canvas (I think some people would call this gallery wrapped canvas?) and the sides are 1½ inches, or 4cm deep. As you can see above, it's ready to hang on the wall, no need of a frame. Please click here to see all the details. :)
You might have noticed my blog banner is now sporting this new cheery painting. I thought it would be perfect to welcome in the Springtime!

Thankyou for visiting here today, I wish you a lovely Spring (or Autumn!) Equinox day wherever you are. :) xx


Sue Marrazzo said...

SO Happy to see! We have snow here in PA!!!!

rossichka said...

Hello, Spring! Hello, new life, beauty and joy!
It's been a sunny day here, too! Hope many more warm days are awaiting for us!
Your painting is so cheerful and full of fragrance, Jessie! I suppose your "flower period" will last long...:)

CJ said...

Gorgeous colours and a wonderful painting. Spring is here indeed. CJ xx

Paper rainbow said...

Goodness me! I love this Jess ! You mentioned you were working on a landscape and I had no idea it was thus wonderful. I love the colours and yes they look so spring like. You also use a lot of white which I might have a go at doing. It seems to lighten the whole thing. Creating detail but without being heavy.

Martina said...

This painting looks so fresh and cheery - very much like spring Jess - yes, it captures the spirit of the season! And your purple walls - WOW! Please show a bigger view of it one day! Happy monday and new week to you!

Karen Fields said...


Els said...

Ahhh your painting looks so happy !
Spring here too (though NOT very warm yet !!!)

Red Rose Alley said...

A very nice painting, Jess, and I love those purple walls! It's always nice to see your Header change from time to time. I wish I changed mine more often.

Spring is here, and it's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend. :~)

love, ~Sheri