Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Daily Doodlings

Do you like to doodle?

One of my new year's resolutions is to doodle more and last week I managed a doodle a day. 
This one was done with my black Pitt pen.

 Prismacolors are lovely to sketch with, the colours are juicy and you can press as lightly or as hard as you like to get varying textures.

So many to choose from, it was satisfying to stick to just the blues for this one,

with a hint of orange. :)

Fineliner pens are nice to use because their points are thin and fine, great for patterns.

And another done with my Pitt pen.

You might have noticed a set of colours peeping at the top of the photo?

The lovely bright colours of my new set of Inktense sticks that I had for Christmas! They're so big and chunky, after playing with them on this small sketchbook page I think I need a larger area to work on next time.
My sketchbook is A5 size. I like that size because I use it as an art journal or visual diary.

I buy hardback ones because it reminds me of a standard sized book like a novel. I love to look at other people's sketchbooks, especially when they're used in this way. It's like a picture book of their thoughts.
I've accumulated a lot of them over the years, too many pages to show you here but if you'd like to see a few from the past, please click here. (warning: make sure your scrolling finger is on tip-top form!)

Thankyou for visiting today! xx


Charlotte said...

Doodling is so freeing for mind and fingers. I love your sketchbooks.

I am an appalling keeper of sketchbooks and have just begun to relearn the skill.

busybusybeejay said...

I love your sketchbook and all your doodles.My daughter keeps a journal like yours.I cannot draw to save my life but I am doing Zentangle.I am supposed to do one a day but never remember but it is fun when I do it.
Note to myself.Must try harder'

Els said...

Love your doodles Jess !
Especially the faces with the colour pencils !
(I think the paper in your sketch book isn't that thick : is that cat "gone through" the paper ???)

rossichka said...

Oh, Jessie, you've been so creative this week! Lovely doodles, my favourites are the Lady in blue and the Cat.
Wish you many new hours of inspiration and joy with your pens and pencils!:)

denthe said...

You call this doodles!? Love them! You started the new year well! I also love reading about your new year's resolutions in the previous post. Except for instagram and playing the guitar it could be my list ;-)Happy creative new year to you!

CJ said...

Beautiful, you're so very talented. I love art journals as well, it's always nice to have a little nose through them isn't it. CJ xx

Yvonne Stewart said...

I love seeing all the different mediums you use. The blue lady with the prisma colours is gorgeous! I've got out of the habit of using a sketchbook - I really should though, I did enjoy keeping them x

Alexandra said...

Wonderful, wonderful journal pages, Jess. LOVE your doodle work as well. Great detail and so much fun! Great job on doing something each day! I'm trying to do the same thing and knock on wood, I'm there with you in making it every day last week. :)

Wishing you a lovely week! :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Jess, your doodling is amazing. I love the girl with the braid. She looks a bit Bohemian or Gypsy. You are one of my most talented blog friends. Your artwork is splendid, Jess.

love, ~Sheri

Young at Heart said...

Gorgeous.....makes me hanker after my art college days....must doodle more!!

Gina said...

Lovely... It makes me want to do the same!

Jody and Stan said...

Now I want to take out my dusty sketchbook and doodle. You're a true artist. Thanks for the inspiration.
New Follower.

Lunar Hine said...

Okay. More doodling for me. Thanks for the inspiration x

Victoria said...

HI beautiful and such a wonderful array of art! I am smitten with the cat on the end of the post..such a soulful being! and your 'doodling" is amazing-art..I love the first lady you have shown, the energetic-patterns feel musical and full of movement and harmony to the trees as well, she is gorgeous and meditative!
Thanks for sharing your magical lifts me up!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a talent you have! I used to doodle, but haven't done for a long time. I have several Cambridge sketchbooks waiting for me to begin again. Your post is inspirational, but your style is something I couldn't come even close to. I love it! I'm following you now on Feedly and on GFC.