Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday Morn and the New Year's Resolutions Begin

 At the end of my last post I promised to return soon with my new year's resolutions. They've been brewing in my mind for a very long while, too long I've put these daily tasks off. Even my enormous turn of the year on new year's eve (it's also my birthday) didn't jumpstart me into action. I thought some magic in the universe might do it for me but no it didn't. So it's down to me then is it? ;)

Ok here we go:

No.1:  exercise
I used to do this a lot and I remember how much better I felt when I did it regularly.

No.2:  stop using my body as a dustbin
I do. If it's in the house and it tastes nice then it has to be consumed. By me. My clothes no longer fit comfortably and I don't like being uncomfortable.

No.3:  do yoga
I've done yoga on and off for most of my life since I was 17 but over the last year or so it's been off. All the time. 

No.4:  doodle 
I only usually only doodle when I'm on the phone but I've been told that my best ideas come out in my doodles. It seems that I might make some interesting discoveries if I doodle at other times too. Let's see what happens!

No.5:  play the guitar
A year and a half has gone by without me having the time or energy to play my guitar. No more excuses, I want to play again.

No.6:  use Instagram
I recently joined Instagram but I found it difficult to take photos using my phone. I now have a tablet - yay! My plan is to use it to take photos of my works in progress and it'll be easier to post them on there (and of course here too!)

So there are my promises to myself and I'm starting today, Monday. 
Wish me luck! xx


millefeuilles said...

Brilliant resultions, Jess! I've been on Instagram since summer and love it, more so than other well-known social websites!

I know how fantastic I feel when I swim regularly. And I also know how easy it is to let that good habit slip then family life gets in the way and cold weather hits...

One of my resolutions this year is to shake off the four kilos which have crept up on me over the past few years. I am so determined that I'm actually writing about it, see!

Music was a big part of my life. When living in Normandy I had the good fortune of being taught to play the Baroque oboe by some amazing musicians who, kindly, let me into their fascinating lives. Sadly, I am not playing an instrument these days but, to be honest, Tristan is so heavily involved in his classical guitar life that it fills my days with wonderful music.

Gosh, that was a long comment; clearly you have inspired me with your lovely drawings and résolutions.

Stephanie x

busybusybeejay said...

hope you manage to do all those things.I need to lose some weight and to exercise more.We have recently moved and now walking from home does not involve a big hill(one of the reasons we moved).Good luck.Barbara

CJ said...

Love the sketches. Nos 1 and 2 should be on my list as well. Wishing you much joy and success with all of your resolutions. CJ xx

Catherine Denton said...

Those are fabulous resolutions! I love your little illustrations with each one. Care to share where to find you on Instagram?

lynne h said...

jess, i wish you luck! and gosh, your drawings about the resolutions are fantastic...


Gina said...

Good luck!

Red Rose Alley said...

I've always wanted to try yoga, that is a good thought for the new year. And the doodling one was interesting. I can see how one can get creative and clever ideas by just doodling. That is so great that you play the guitar. I took piano lessons when I was little, but never stuck with it. Oh please, continue to play the guitar, Jess. That is such a special talent. My son can play as well.

Happy days to you in the new year.


Paper rainbow said...

happy new year, I admire all your resolutions as somebody who never makes them... :)

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I don't do resolutions ~ but I can get behind your *and* your wonderful, artful expressions of them!

Tammie Lee said...

hello Jess,
these are wonderful things to do. we feel so good when move and eat well and create arts. yea, enjoy and i will join you with some of them.

juliaD said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for visiting my blog, and your lovely comment. I have visited yours now!, and see you are a wonderful artist, with amazingly beautiful drawing skills, love your doodles. Your art has an elegant quality about it.