Thursday, 27 November 2014

Winter Golden Light and a Christmas Giveaway.

 The days are becoming shorter so when we get days of sunshine, it's so very welcome.

The light was fleeting but the show of golden was well worth it.

Cosy at home in the evening, I've been busy with my knitting needles. 
Sorry for the blurred picture, the children in my family aren't very good at keeping still!

A warm top for Maisy with a matching hat.

A little vest for Harry made from oddments left over from a crocheted blanket that I'd made last year

that fits him very well indeed.

If you're a knitty crochet kind of person you might like to visit my Ravelry profile to see my other woolly projects. :)

In other news...
The winning name to be picked for my christmas giveaway is Linda Chant. Congratulations! :)

Thankyou for visiting today! xx


rossichka said...

Dear Jessie, the English nature is so beautiful! (BTW very much alike ours!) Golden, green and blue - what a perfect combination. And a reindeer - this is an unusual sight for me!!
Your grandchildren are charming and sweet! You must be happy to know how comfortably they feel in what you've knitted for them with love!
Your knitted wonders are so vivid and colourful, that I am sure they have a main role in creating a cosy atmosphere at home and a good mood in you!:)

Victoria said...

Hi Jessie..what a gorgeous Autumnal feast for the eyes and pretty..fantastic gold and amber glow! Must be nice to have Autumn for so long..ours seemed short this year!

Love your art and creations very special and beautiful..and wonderful knitted treasures..and sweet picture!
Wishing you much magic and many blessings..wonderful giveaway!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, your pictures are amazing today. Nature always brings me peace, and I have been craving it lately. The colors in the trees are lovely. You are so talented with knitting, and your grandkids will keep warm with these sweet treasures you have knitted for them.

Enjoy this Christmas season, Jessie.


Paper rainbow said...

Your photos look so autumnal you wouldn't believe it yo be December! You are a great knitter. I wish I could stick with knitting long enough to make anything worthwhile! :)

Patricia González Palacios said...

Thanks for your visit, blogs seem asleep so long, I leave a hug.
Beautiful your photos.

Manon Visser said...

Hi Jess so glad you visited! I have been away far to long. I will come and visit you lots more because I really missed blogging. ManonX

Martina said...

The sunlight on your pix is lovely! We have so many grey days, without any blue sky and i miss that - sunshine and light! I do enjoy the cozy evenings though, like you do, even though i don't knit ;) Cheers to a delightful christmas season and many more lovely creations!

Introverted Art said...

that tree is just stunning

Tammie Lee said...

such lovely knitted goodies!
and beautiful photos of deer, light and still green grass with autumn leaves. so beautiful. yea to the lucky winner. sweet holidays to you and yours!