Friday, 7 November 2014

Musings of a Tree Lover

Trees are magical aren't they? When I wander through the woods I imagine what it could be like to live there. When I was a child my brother and I were always making dens using whatever we could find for walls and a roof. I'd happily spend hours doing this but I think he'd get bored before I was satisfied that it was habitable! There was one time, I decided we'd laboured long enough for the day and we sat inside it while it rained. The next day it had gone, probably other kids in the neighbourhood couldn't resist smashing it up. I didn't mind, it was a good excuse to make another one!

How amazing this stream would look if I was a very tiny creature living amongst the trees.

 It could be quite dangerous if I tried to cross it but I seem to remember Thumbelina travelled on  a leaf so that might be a good idea as long as there are nibbling fish and a butterfly around to help me!

You'll sometimes see trees in my paintings, I'd love to create the fairytale world that is in my imagination, in paintings such as this...

(detail) John Anster Christian Fitzgerald (1819-1906)

When I painted the mixed media painting below, I imagined the feeling of the woods at night. It's appropriately called Midnight Woodland. ;)

There's that butterfly that could pull the leaf along! ;) It's still available to buy in my Etsy shop if you'd like to own it. :)

I love to be in the woods at any time of the year. The photos at the top of this post were taken a few days ago, a warm mild day in autumn but now I shall leave you with a few moments in the woods earlier this year. Listen for the birds!  xx


Kyra Wilson said...

Beautiful painting! I love the woods too, it seems like a million stories are hidden in them!

Paper rainbow said...

I love trees and woodland too. The smell of damp leaves at this time of year has a special magic. Your photos are lovely and your mixed media woodland is so sweet. I love the fabric addition which adds some great texture.

Martina said...

Dear Jess, your woodland painting is so beautiful - i adore this wonderful, dreamy blue with the dash of red. Have a very happy subday evening!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous, your art is is very beautiful always so color-rich and magical! Mesmerizing trees and the vid too..captivating to my nature-soul!! Thanks for this sacred journey!

millefeuilles said...

Dear Jess,

Your post has plunged me deeply into the happiest of childhood memories. There is a wood opposite my parents' house and my sister and I used to spend days on end making camps with bracken or setting up home beneath a holly tree. And when I look at your pictures of the stream I recall my flights of fancy as a child.

How wonderful your artwork is Jess. ALWAYS inspiring.

Warmest wishes,

Stephanie x

rossichka said...

Dear Jessie, there's always a Butterfly to help!... ( A person, an opportunity, a chance, an advice...)
The fairies in Celtic mythology have influenced so strong your art, literature and the imagination of many generations!It's amazing for me to feel it in your words, art works and way of thinking!:)
Thank you very much for the lovely concert!:)
Your painting is fantastic!xx

Linda said...

Your painting is phenomenal! I love the colours and feel of it.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your story about making dens with your brother when you were little put a smile on my face because me and the neighbor kids used to build dirt forts in the fields behind our houses, and we would build and play and imagine most of the day. So much fun, and it sounds like you had similar memories.

I am fascinated with the trees too. They are so mysterious, and your pictures are enchanting.