Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Poppies, New Cards and A Question Of Size.

We had such lovely weather at the weekend when we went to visit Eldest daughter in London. Perfect weather for seeing the poppy display at the Tower of London.

 This is a creation of 888,246 ceramic poppies to mark 100 years since the first full day of Britain's involvement in the First World War. Each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war. The poppies will be sold to raise money for service charities.

Did you notice in the top picture the bobble hat that Harry's wearing? I made it for him to match a cardigan that I'd made in the summer.

Lovely and cosy ready for autumn and winter. :)

Speaking of which.....    

I hope you don't mind seeing things of the chrismassy sort this side of Halloween ;) but I thought I'd show you my new christmas card designs. The picture above shows my work in progress, with watercolour and my trusty black Pitt Pen (03 size pen for those who like to know these things!) 
After they were printed, I added some lovely silver ink to them to make them sparkle. You can't have christmas without sparkle now can you? Well I can't anyway! :)

Before you go, could I ask you a question?

It's about this post. You see I'm never sure how large to make the images when I write a blogpost and I was wondering if I've made the last ones too big, or have I made the first ones too small? Which size do you find the most comfortable to see when you're reading a blogpost?
Thankyou so much for your comments! xx


Ruthie Redden said...

The field of poppies is a very moving way of showing all the souls lost. So sad. Re; size, I looove big images, all the better to see all the details in ;) Cutest baba ever and love that hat x x

Martina said...

Your cards are wonderful Jess - makes me sparkle! Have a sweet day!

Karen said...

Lovely cards Jess. Can't believe it's mid October already! I really like to see the big pictures on blogs. Must get around to altering my format so that I can display bigger pics. :)

lynne h said...

i like the big pics, too, jess...

and your christmas cards! and the hat!


Paper rainbow said...

I saw a news programme featuring the poppy installation. It looks amazing and very moving. As for photos. Big please....short sightedness is a curse and I am always losing my heading glasses! :)

Victoria Stitch said...

wow beautiful cards!! Love them. I have heard about the poppies but haven't been in to see them. They do look stunning though. I love the little rainbow hat. I want to try and make a rainbow hat in miniature. Will have to learn how to make a hat though- all I can knit is a straight line at the moment!

Also big images for sure!!

rossichka said...

Hello, Jessie!
I like little Harry a lot - I have the feeling the smile is always on his face!:) The hat and the cardigan are lovely - good for you!:)
Oh, this poppy installation is very imposing and beautiful, provoking the imagination! A good idea that will reach lots of hearts.

Your cards are very sweet and really festive. The Christmas theme is still distant for me, but not for you and that is understandable.:)
What about the pics - the smaller ones are O.K. for me. I can see them bigger, if I want, when I click on them.

Gina said...

Lovely new designs for Christmas cards. The big photos look really good when reading on my iPad.

Heidi McDonald said...

i really want to see the poppies, it looks amazing.
And baby Harry is such a cutie.
As for your cards !!! Beautiful, really beautiful.
I like the images this size, its good and clear and your not struggling to see.

Kyra Wilson said...

Those poppies are something else! And I love the cards! As for the size of photos on the blog, I balance them for my post but if people are on a reader they tend to do something else entirely. So, just go with what looks good for you. We'll manage. :)

Palomasea said...

Hello dear Jess!
I have missed my darling blog friends!
The poppies are beautiful and touching.
Little Harry is so adorable...how lucky he is to have warm goodies made for him with great love. :)
Your new banner is so lovely and joyful...and I'm hopping over to Etsy right now to peek at your shop...why oh why have I not ordered yet? Definitely will for the holidays...I adore your work.
The lower photos are a great size...
Sending you many blessings!
- Irina