Sunday, 5 October 2014

Choices Galore

Thankyou SO MUCH for your very helpful suggestions in my last post. You are all so amazing and very much appreciated! I'll have a renewed energy with my next painting. :)

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I've had a busy time, what with trying to clear the bottom of our garden which has turned into a mini woodland. This sounds nice doesn't it? but with young trees underneath the weight of a soggy heavy fence, growing sideways across the ground in a desperate attempt to survive, there is a lot more work to be done!

Messy isn't it?!

I've also been busy adding new items to my Society6 shop. Would you like to see a few of them?

 I have lots of mug designs, please click here to see more :)

and tote bags, please click here to see them :)

There are lots of different phone skins and case designs.

and wall-clocks, please click here to see :)

My designs can also be bought as greetings cards or prints,

or if you prefer, a canvas print :)

 And finally, my personal favourites, the cushions!
Please click here to see them all! :)

Gosh that's a lot of choices isn't it? I love to see how my paintings become transformed into lovely items. When my birthday gets closer I'm going to order a few things for myself. My only problem is, I can't choose between them!
Have a happy week! :)


CJ said...

You have been working hard, good luck with the bottom of the garden, I know how tricky that kind of thing can be. Lovely Society6 items, well done you. CJ xx

rossichka said...

Dear Jessie, I'm in awe of how your colourful paintings have turned into designs! I looked at all of them over and over again! If I have to choose, I will get lost in my desires.:) Still, I prefer the pillows and the mugs. Hmmm, maybe one day I will buy a pillow for sweet dreams? Good for you!
And good luck!xx

Karen said...

I've also spent the day in the garden today cutting back overgrown parts. Yay for the good weather!
I love all your new Society 6 items, especially the foxy cushion. Gorgeous! :) x

Kyra Wilson said...

All the products look lovely!

Paper rainbow said...

Your work looks lovely in all society 6 formats but like you I like the cushions best x

Gina said...

Love the cushion!

Ruthie Redden said...

Your work looks stunning on all the products Jessie, I especially love the cushion, might also have something to do with the fact that I love foxes x

Sophia Ton said...

You have a really lovely Blog! :) Would you like to support each other and follow via GFC?
If yes tell me and i follow you back. Lets stay in touch! :)

Greetings from Germany

Tammie Lee said...

Jess! your art looks gorgeous in all these ways! Overflowing with charm and sweetness of life. Wishing you success!

Ahdini said...

they are looking good and vivid, such a nice quality. good luck on your shop! :))