Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Mini Matted Paintings

Hi there! I'm back in studio action again from this week and I want to start by showing you a new section I have in my Etsy shop. :)
It's called 'Mini Matted Paintings'. I decided that I'd like to make some more affordable artwork to sell so these are slightly smaller than my usual ones. I don't know about you, but I find that smaller artwork is more difficult to display on its own so to make these paintings more substantial, I've mounted (matted) each of them so that they're ready to either display as they are, or alternatively you can put the ready-matted painting into a glass frame too to hang on your wall!

close-up showing matting (mount)

I have 3 paintings in this size so far and as I make each one, I'll add it to this section. I'm in the middle of making another one right at this moment so stay tuned!
x x


Els said...

A lovely little chap Jess !

Anne said...

Beautiful picture! I love all the patterns.

Flora Bowley is doing a boot camp over at her blog for September and at the end of the month she giving away 10 spots on her on course, you just have to link up what your doing if you go over to her blog it has all the details
I don't have the money to do her course either at the moment and with a one year old I don't have the time. I have no baby sitters to help out so I do thing creative things when I can :) but I thought the boot camp would be fun giving my self bit of a spring clean;) and to check out other artist around the world too :)

Victoria said...

So beautiful and uplifting..and what a fantastic idea..thanks for always adding sparkles and magic to my day!Inspiring work and creations as always!