Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gypsy Caravan Love

Before I went away on holiday, I did this sketch (above) of a gypsy caravan. They're so pretty aren't they? 

The caravan on display at Bristol City Museum

Since I was tiny I would go to the city museum and look in wonder at the caravan they had on display there, finding the inside so cosy and welcoming. Everything inside is so carefully designed and so clean and shiny. I used to love the cupboard at the back where the bed is, with decorated doors to keep the chill out. 

Now I'm also intrigued how someone can have all their possessions inside such a tiny space but still make it feel so homely. I'm sure I remember being able to go inside it but maybe I did but wasn't supposed to!
Nowadays you definitely can't go inside because they have glass across the door. Such a shame but I guess that's how they keep it from getting damaged with time.

I thought it would be nice to make a painting with a gypsy caravan as part of my Mini Matted series. :)
 First of all I thought I'd better look it up on Google so that I have some idea of how it's put together. My drawing is very loose and impressionistic but I like to know how it should be in real life before I start. I found this...

(Right click on the picture to see it larger.)

What a lovely drawing and how very informative too! Needless to say my own finished painting is quite different to this, done in my own style and of course lots of colour! :)

I've mounted it already, so it's easy for you to display

and it's now in my Etsy shop at £18 + p&p. Any currency is accepted by Etsy, and I offer shipping to any country.)
I hope you like gypsy caravans as much as me and come back again soon to see what I'm going to be making next.
Thanks for visiting! xx


Sue Marrazzo said...

I like her star dress!!!

Connie said...

Hi Jessie, I so enjoyed your post. I have a love for gypsy caravans . . . they are gorgeous, true works of art. Then, there is the mysterious romantic vibes that stir my heart when I see them. I'm not sure where that comes from, but it is defiantly there. I also enjoyed your photos from your trip to Cornwall. What a charming village. It is easy to see why you would want to vacation there. Love your watercolors.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't visited here for so long that I went to hit the follow button and found that I was already a follower . . . I've sure been missing out by not visiting more, so I'm adding you to my favorites list. Then I'll know each time you post:) please return and follow me back, I would be honored.
Have a lovely day.
Connie :)

Martina said...

I WANT a gypsy caravan too! And your sweet painting makes me dream .... have a lovely week Jess!

Gina said...

Very pretty painting. They are such appealing things aren't they. I've always fancied one in the garden... A bit like a girlie garden shed!

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Jessie,
Je suis très contente de te retrouver après ma longue pause estivale.
Un beau retour pour moi aujourd'hui en ouvrant la porte de ton bel univers. Une jolie et douce gitane et sa roulotte.
J'aime beaucoup la décoration de cette charmante roulotte... Cette petite gitane prédit peut-être l'avenir ?! Avec elle, nul doute, c'est la bonne aventure... Une peinture aux couleurs magnifiques.
Gros bisous

denthe said...

So bright and happy, love it!

Victoria said...

Such gorgeous art..magical..and loved this post...enchanting and full of gypsy-spirit!!Wishing you a beautiful september!

Paper rainbow said...

Hi Jess sorry I have missed your last few posts, this is beautiful. I would love to live in one of those caravans. The colours are so bright and there is something so liberating about having your home on wheels. The original that inspired you is wonderful.

Tammie Lee said...

these are so lovely

i think caravans make us dream of different lifestyles
quiet mornings and nights
being more in touch with nature

Ruthie Redden said...

Thank you for this post Jessie, I adore gypsy caravans, and these remind me of the magical holiday Mr O took me on last Summer to stay in a caravan just like this, I loved it, though I would ahve to seriously de-clutter if I ever chanced to live i one lol. I didn't know they had one in the city museum, hmm shall have to go on a hunt next time I'm down x