Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Days and Evenings

The evenings seem to be getting much darker now don't they? Today we had hot sun and then early evening, all of a sudden it seemed, the light was fading and then it felt fairly cold outside. I finally have to admit that autumn is in the air.
I have rubbish lighting in the room where I paint so I prefer to paint in the daytime when I can see the colours properly. One day I'd like to have decent lighting so that I can carry on painting
but for now, my evenings are the time when I do my knitting or crocheting.
This is what I've been making.

It's a little cardigan for my daughter's son. It turned out too big for him but at the rate he's growing it won't be long before it fits him!

For my next project I have an idea of the colours I want to use and I've seen a pattern I like too. On the Ravelry website is says it's fairly easy to make but I think they mean it's easy for an expert and that's not me. I might have been a knitter for a long time but I tend to stick to stitches I'm familiar with!

I did a sketch of how I might like it to look. I say 'might' because I'm unsure of all that grey. I'm a bit greyed out after making the little cardigan and pine for some brighter colour. We'll see. Here's the sketch above on the left hand page of my sketchbook. The other sketches are just doodlings and they're nothing to do with it, so ignore those!
Will I be able to do it? 
If I do manage to tackle it, I'll show you in a later post. :)

Meanwhile, during daylight hours I've painted two more mini-mounted watercolours.

The White Hare painting is now listed in the shop here.

And it had to happen didn't it? 

As you might have guessed if you've seen my previous posts, all those harbours I saw during the summer have influenced this!

Listed here in my Etsy shop.

Thankyou for visiting! See you next time. xx


Martina said...

Cute - i love the ornamental rabbit Jess! Hope you have a creative midweek!

denthe said...

Love the contrast between the soft watercolours and the black & white doodled haring. Your harbour looks really idyllic ...

Ghost Lily said...

Autumn has truly arrived. It is cooler and it is my favourite time of year!
I can see you have been busy since returning from Cornwall. Beautiful watercolours, Jess. Love your design!
I have missed blogging and it is good to be back! xx

lynne h said...

jess, i love your watercolors... the colors, the way you let the water/paint have it's way in some places. everything!

yes, definitely beginning to feel like fall. and really, as it should, i suppose. we are almost halfway to the winter solstice...


Tammie Lee said...

yes, the days are getting dark earlier, i am truly noticing it.

your sweater is charming
and so are your matted paintings

lovely sunday to you

Giggles said...

All this gorgeous work inspired me!! Love the colorful buildings! Also that sweater is so adorable. I think it's a good thing it's a bit bigger... I think he may be able to wear it longer that way!!

Thanks for sharing all this yummy work and planning!

Hugs Giggles

Ruthie Redden said...

Jessie, I love the wee cardi, eek, you have inspired me to knit something for my wee Grandaughter too! I haven't knitted for so many years, but have to admit I am desperate now especially after having seen the Kaffe Fassett exhibition too. Now where are my needles!