Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Luscious Emerald Greens

I love all the new bright green foliage this time of year don't you? I couldn't resist taking this picture the other day. It had just stopped raining and the geraniums were such a lovely bright green. (I'm quite partial to that delicious lilac too!)  ;)

I'm still going through a bit of a lull with working on finished paintings right now but I have been sketching in my sketchbook and to boost my motivation, I treated my self to some lovely emerald paints!

I've had a craving for bright emerald for a while and I've tried to mix it from the colours I already have but none of them achieved the clear brightness that I'm looking for. It's silly that for a long time I felt guilty buying green paint instead of mixing it. (Thanks art lessons from way back!) Why did I hang on to this belief for so long?! 

I love my new paints. :)


rossichka said...

I adore Spring just because of the amazing variety of green nuances!
And I like how you use your new paints, Jessie!:))

Jean Berryessa said...

Love your painting. If that's what it takes to get you in the mood, buy paint. Beautiful color.

Paper rainbow said...

I love the results of your emerald shopping spree. Emerald green almost has a smell. A smell of fresh warm rain... It is lovely how colours can excite and evoke such memories and passion. Glad to see you are painting again. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

The greens of spring are so electric !
Enjoy your new paints, Talented One.

Merlesworld said...

new paints are alway great.

Jennifer said...

Your work is beautiful, Jessie. I love green, the deeper emerald-like shade, the better. :)

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère amie,

Le printemps est ma saison préférée et de loin... J'aime ses verts acidulés qui explosent partout... Les fleurs foisonnent et j'adore particulièrement la fraîcheur des fleurs sauvages.
Elles surprennent notre regard... Un véritable bonheur que de se promener aujourd'hui dans les chemins.
Me balader ce matin dans ton univers m'apporte cette même sensation de sérénité.
Très jolis dessins... à la belle harmonie de verts.
Je te fais de gros bisous ♡

Linda said...

That is such a gorgeous pic....is it a scented geranium? It looks like one I have growing at my place. Good on you for buying the paint...there is nothing like buying some new craft supplies to get the wheels turning again.

Martina said...

Me too - those greens are so lush and gorgeous!

Sea Angels said...

I love your greens, I find they just make my eyes comfortable and relaxed, but then that could be your lovely paintings xx
Hugs Lynn xxx

Victoria said...

Wow..such super gorgeous art..the lush and vibrant greens are amazing! Enjoy your new paints..so inspiring and such fun!
Wishing you a beautiful Spring kindred!

Red Rose Alley said...

Ah, the lilac is beautiful, Jess, and I can smell them from here. I love the color emerald because that's my birthstone. Your paintings are always delightful to see.

Thank you for the birthday wishes today. It's so nice to have friends like you to share my special day with.


denthe said...

You captured that bright spring green really well with your new paints. I have that same green ink and I love it. Mixing colours can give really nice results, but I find it hard to get really bright colours from it.