Friday, 11 April 2014

Out in the Wild and Snug as a Bug

On a walk down a country lane,

Something purple caught my eye.

You might already know that my favourite colour is purple,

 it really was quite beautiful.
 I'd love to be one of those people who know all the names of everything I see in the wild, every flower, every bird, every tree. I'd like an App to be invented that could do this, wouldn't you? Not the Google Image Search with its outrageous suggestions that are almost never like the picture I put in the search box!

So until that App gets invented, does anyone know what the wild flower in my photo is called? :) **UPDATE** It's periwinkle! Thankyou kind people! :)


I've been addicted to making colourful crocheted blankets over the past few months. I upload them to Ravelry so that I have some kind of record of what I've made. I've just popped over there to have a look to see how many and it's six (so far!)

Here's one I made a few weeks ago, for Eldest Daughter's new baby.

I did a bobble stitch in white around the edge.

And here he is all snuggled up in it! I would always swaddle my babies, it helped them to feel secure and they'd get off to sleep quicker. It's so lovely to see how Eldest daughter does the same. :)

Snug as a bug. :)


lynne h said...

jess, i think the flower is 'periwinkle'...

the big tree in the top photo!! wow!


Gina said...

Your grandson looks gorgeous all snuggled up in his beautiful blanket.

Kyra Wilson said...

Oh those trees in that first picture! They're incredible! All twisty and stuff!

rossichka said...

I know that flower - it grows everywhere in the town! Vinca major and Vinca minor... But I see you've been told already. It is used like a cure in different cases.
I've been very busy during the last two months, so I wasn't active in blogging. But what I see now shows me that you are inspired and in a good mood, Jessie! I like your colourful world!! Your grandson is soooo sweet!:)))

millefeuilles said...

Have you read Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel "The Language of Flowers", Jess? It's a great read and periwinkles are inlcuded in them. They have an intriguing symbolism...

Your grandson is absolutely adorable.


ps Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog this evening.

Patri Bears said...

Anche a me piacerebbe conoscere ogni nome di fiore che incontro e anche quando vedo quei piccoli uccelli posarsi sui rami degli alberi!
E che dolcissima bimba....!!!