Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sparkly New Paintings

Evening Peace, acrylic on canvas board.

Gosh! After that very unusual post from yesterday, I'm pleased to see you still here!
Let me show you  my new artwork.

Glittering Stars, acrylic on canvas board.

I love sparkly things don't you? I had a lot of fun adding the shiny gold to these two new paintings. You can't really tell from the photo above but  if they're held towards the light, they sparkle! 
Each one measures 7 x 10 inches and I've listed the originals on Etsy at £40. That's roughly about $66 to my USA friends. I do worldwide shipping and any currency is taken. :)

If you'd like these designs on a mug or a cushion (pillow), or maybe a tote bag or a phone case? Here's a screenshot of my Society6 shop. Please pop over and have a look. :)

You can even get this one as a clock!

So which one would you choose? :)

Thankyou for looking! xx


Victoria said... gorgeous my friend..both are so dazzling..and mega-beautiful! It i so cool cuz I wear my hair in both those styles especially the multi-braids!Both are such a color-feast! They look awesome on Society 6, I am following your site there now. I love them I am drawn to the girl in the starry boat...she is filled with wonderment and soulfulness...! Shine on...amazing art!

Kyra Wilson said...

Lovely new pieces! The iridescent paint is SO much fun, isn't it? Every acrylic piece I do I has it in it somewhere. It's addicting. :)

What do you think of the society6 shops? I briefly buzzed by a while ago, but didn't know if it was for me or not.

denthe said...

Love them! that first one is so peaceful, would definitely choose that one ...

Introverted Art said...

This is so amazing!!!

Sue Marrazzo said...

So lovely! I am partial to the Blues in Evening Peace!

Anne said...

They both look beautiful! I love the bright colours.
But I'm really drawn to the image of the first painting :)

Victoria Stitch said...

love love love the top one (and the second one but especially the top one!) so beautiful!! love the stars and her pretty face and the colours!

Amalia K Aradea said...

Such beautiful paintings, Jess!I love the different atmospheres you created for them. They make wonderful home decors too!