Sunday, 16 March 2014

Frogs at Coleton Fishacre Garden

It was a lovely sunny warm weekend again yay! Sunday afternoon we went for a walk at Coleton Fishacre. There's a gorgeous house and gardens there but one thing I didn't expect to see were lots of frogs!

I used to like drawing frogs, I'm going to look into my posts from the past to dig out some to show you.
Here they are. :)

I didn't realise I did so many sketches of them!

I should have taken my sketchbook with me shouldn't I? It's such a pretty place, even in March.

 Not the usual March weather though was it?

Blue skies, blossom on the magnolia trees,

Who'd like to live in a house like this?

You could lose yourself in the gorgeous blue sea, so stunning.

Thankyou so much for visiting! xx


Sue Marrazzo said...


Introverted Art said...

cute little frogs!

Paper rainbow said...

Adorable little frogs! Looks like you have had. Some fabulous weather what a lovely place! X

Merlesworld said...

I like frogs there were many around in my childhood and tabpoles in every puddle not so many now it's a long time since I have seen a frog.

Patri Bears said...

Che foto meravigliose di una giornata così piena di sole. Amo la rane e mi piacciono i tuoi disegni!!!

Tammie Lee said...

oh my gosh, your frogs are quite adorable and full of life!

such pretty flowers... ahhh, i have never seen water flowers like those. Looks like you had a lovely time.

Anne said...

Lovely photos thanks for sharing :)
Where the frogs noisy I could imagine lots of croaking going on that pond!

Jess said...

Yes they were very noisy! I heard them before I saw them. :)