Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Smartypants Phone

 Here are 2 of my most recent journal pages.

I scanned and uploaded these in my usual way. (My usual way is to scan the sketchbook, upload to Photoshop to resize it and then upload to whichever website I need it) but yesterday I tried to send them  straight to Facebook using my shiny new Smartphone. 

That's my new Samsung Mini on the left and my sad old Nokia on the right. It might be called mini but it looks pretty big to me. The idea is to make it quicker for me to take pictures and to upload them.
Yes at last I have joined everyone else with a phone that can do all things I've been longing to do to save me time.
Or so I thought!
My first uploads looked like this and this. I have a bit of a way to go before it becomes easy peasy for me and so far I've spent even more time online than ever finding out how to make it work. Don't worry I'm getting there slowly! 
Do you use your phone to upload pictures? Do you find it quicker and easier? (once you know how to do it that is!) I'd like to know if I'm right in thinking it's quicker!

:) x


Heidi McDonald said...

i adore your journal pages, love having peeks inside artists sketchbooks

Tammie Lee said...

such charming piece
love the colors and details!

nope not a mobile phone user, just have an old one for emergencies.

Lindsay Whimsy said...

I love your journal pages - especially the purple kitty! :)

Paper rainbow said...

I do sometimes use the blogger app to send photos to my blog and then publish them but the screen is rather small (Think I have a similar samsung to you)I prefer the keypad of my laptop. the phone app is useful when on the move to post a photo straight to a draft blogpost and put some text in at a later date. Happy smartphoning!! :)

Jennifer said...

I wish I could help but I only have an old flip-phone for emergencies. Both of these are beautiful paintings, but I especially love the cat.

Kim Mailhot said...

I am an iPhone girl so I do a lot on my phone. Take, edit, share, upload my pics. Took a little while to learn to manoeuver my way on my pc computer but now I am speedy !
Love the pages ! Enjoy the learning process !

rossichka said...

I can't give you an opinion, for I don't use my phone for such "things". But I believe you'll get used to it and will feel relieved soon.
There are so many beautiful items in your shop, good for you!:)

Kyra Wilson said...

I use some apps for photography on my phone. I have an iphone currently, and I use Snapseed and a few others. :)

Martina said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Jess! And congrats to your new shop - those designs are stunning and i wish you lots of success!

Erin K said...

Such lovely and so stunning. No way I can create such journal pages, mine just look like a bunch of scribbles. ^_^

I adore the purple kitty, so cute!

Dunno about taking pictures with a smart phone, I'm still trying to get used to my tablet. XD