Monday, 9 December 2013

Have You Started Decorating For Christmas Yet?

Have you started decorating for christmas yet?

Is your tree looking splendid?

Maybe you have more than one?

What about your other decorations around the house. Have you adorned your fireplace with evergreens and flowers

and decorated those old household ornaments with festive arrangements?

Are your candles lit for the dark afternoons?

Or do you have beautiful lighting that looks lovely just as it is?

You might have guessed these photos that I took yesterday weren't taken at home but at the lovely house in Wiltshire called Stourhead House

You didn't think it was mine did you? :)

 The garden there's lovely too, always something beautiful to see.

I must get on with my own decorations!

I shall be back before long to show you. xx



Lindsay Whimsy said...

I "did" think it was your house! lol! Very ornate and wonderful! I love your recent paintings and art journal pages - very beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas. Lindsay x

CJ said...

Oh beautiful Stourhead. I haven't been there for ages, I'd love to visit again. I did think it was yours for a moment - I was very impressed! Hope your decorating goes well.

CJ said...

I meant to add that I love the paintings - the blog header and the girl looking at the tree. I love the light around the tree and the expression on her face - wonderful.

Merlesworld said...

I must admit I was thinking, my you live in a grand house, still a lot of cleaning in a house that big.
A cosy cottage is just as good.

Victoria said...

Such a wonderful post full of gorgeous images! and love your art..the first one is absolutely spectacular..she looks as though she is shining her dress too..magical and the last one..gorgeous..always enchanting!
Hugs and blessings..

Victoria said...

PS: fell in love with that giant gorgeous tree!

Ginny said...

What a beautiful house. I did think it was your house and I was in awe. But then when you think about the upkeep on something so grand it is overwhelming. Your paintings never fail to delight me. Just beautiful.