Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Trees

Before I show you the real tree, here's a little painting I made with watercolours.

 It measures approx. 14 x 20cm (that's approx. 5½ x 8ins.)

It's painted on strong 300gsm watercolour paper with Scmincke paints, my favourite!

Have I got time to list it on Etsy before christmas?

Click here if you'd like to have a look at the original painting my shop. Please be quick if you'd like it to arrive with you before christmas as the last date for posting to the USA is 11th December. (UK customers have until the 18th.) ~  Thankyou for looking! :)

Now onto the real tree...

If you've visited me here in christmases past you'll remember my trusty old fairy. She's survived yet another year much to Youngest Daughter's pleas to get a new one. "She's not even a Barbie!" she exclaimed in disgust.

 Good! I don't want Barbie dressed up, thankyou VERY much! ;)

I have nothing against Barbie in particular although I was actually a Sindy girl as a child. I had a Tressy too. Anyone remember those? 
For those of you who don't know who Tressy was and for those of you who do and would like to go back in time for a moment, here's an old fashioned ad from long ago. The part where the hair comes out of the top of her head has to be seen. 

I just noticed on the video it said 'Jess Hair stylist'. I can't make any claim to that fame I'm afraid! I remember my own Tressy's weird hair snake thing got jammed and that was the end of those Fabulous Hairstyles.

I'm getting off track. Back to the christmas decorations.

The tree's looking all pretty inside and those blue lights you can see are through the window out in the garden.

Not the best photo to show how they look but you get the idea. :)

Look at that, we're all christmas treed up and it's not even cold today.

My roses think it's spring!


Micki Wilde said...

Love your pretty tree painting and your garden looks delightful!! I need more green stuff in mine ;)

I used to be a Sindy girl too and Pippa but I don't remember Tressy though Lol!!

Jess said...

Thanks Micki, I expect you're too young to remember her? :) I must add though that advert was before my time!x

Julia Guthrie said...

Love your tree... & the painting :)
Oh & I remember Tressy... haha... mine got jammed too, then I gave her a boy haircut because my brother wouldn't let me steal action man to date my barbies & sindys. I had a Ken doll.. but lets face it, one man wasn't enough.
So erm.. poor old tressy dated women for a while before being resigned to the back of the cupboard with her scarey hair-do. LOL
Thanks for the amusing memories :D

Jess said...

Thanks Julia! I was so disappointed that mine wasn't like the doll in the advert and the hair kept getting jammed. Action man was so very wrong for dating, all those weird body joints he had under his clothes! (Ken just looked like he'd rather be with another Ken.) After 3 daughters I now have a LOT of Barbies left over to this day and they still outnumber the Kens!x

Gina said...

Both your trees are beautiful... the painting and the real one. And I was a Sindy girl too!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

so pretty with all that ORCHID coloring on your tree.....how about a Suzette doll....but Barb looks great as a topper!

Jess said...

Thanks Gina, Sindy was the best! :)
Thanks Cynnie, this doll was a very inexpensive one that fitted the job at the time. She lives on and on!

Ginny said...

Hi Jess, Thank you for your comment yesterday. It is amazing that you did not originally love watercolors. Your work is always so beautiful.

Both of your trees are wonderful. The colors in your painted tree are perfect for me.

My time is way before Barbies and I was not a doll person. But every year I got a Ginny doll for Christmas to add to my collection. They were always special.

Paper rainbow said...

Wow!! I had a tressy, her hair jammed leaving a strange mohican hairstyle, I remember trying to cut it making her predicament far worse!
I love your delicate watercolour and your real tree looks gorgeous. Just got my tree today so guess what i'm doing this evening.... testing fairy lights :)

Connie said...

Your watercolor is delightful . . .so pretty, and your fairy Christmas tree is adorable. I can't believe that your roses are still blooming. You must have a garden fairy that is protecting them from the cold :)
Keep Smiling,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

rachel awes said...

LOVE your magical trees...both of them!
xox to your sparkly being

denthe said...

Funny how the fairy is also in your painting! Never thought about putting a doll in my Christmastree... ;-) Your tree looks wonderful and I love the blue lights outside. Never heard of Tressy, the video is fun to watch. Thnx for sharing ♥

Carol said...

Hi Jess, beautiful painting, love the colours. Noooo you couldn't demote your lovely fairy.
Thank you for your kind birthday wishes for Ian.
Carol xx

Sea Angels said...

Thank you for your lovely comment xxx
I had a Tressy too I cut it all off ha ha
Your Painting of the Christmas tree is gorgeous really beautiful, you are so talented xxx
Hugs Lynn xx

Rosie said...

Wow! Lots to look at and enjoy.
I'm afraid I cut all the hair off my Tressy by mistake (sort of).
Happy Christmas.

Martina said...

Dear Jessie, your watercolor is adorable - as is your real tree! I enjoyed being in touch with you a lot and wish you a very happy, peaceful and blissful christmas - and a super start into 2014! See you back soon, Hugs, M.

Red Rose Alley said...

Hello Jessie,
I came over through Martina's blog. My daughter's name is Jessie too. I really like your blog, as there are other things on here also besides your art. I loved the tree pictures while I was browsing. I just took some tree pictures today at the park. Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. It's so nice to meet new friends, especially from England. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

~Sheri at Red Rose Alley