Friday, 29 November 2013

Diverse Projects

I've been given several different projects lately, each one very different so yesterday it was nice to spend a little quiet time playing in my art journal. It's good to play, it feeds my paintings especially the more intuitive ones like these...

I've just collected these from an exhibition in Bristol and I'll be listing them for sale in my Etsy shop very soon. :)

So how about the projects I've been working on lately?

The first one I'd like to share with you is a commission I made that was a business logo for Pink Sky Healing.
Here's the sketch I made with the client's ideas...

Sketches can look very different to the finished painting so I hoped she'd like what I did with the colours and detailing.
and she did!
Dena's a reiki healer and reads angel cards. She's also an ordained minister and is currently studying craniosacral therapy. I wish I lived closer to her but I'm the other side of the globe! Her website is well worth a visit. Click here to see it and her blog.

The next project I've been working on is a commission for an apartment sign.

As you can see, the original one here does the job but it looks so tired and has seen better days don't you think?

 Time for some upbeat colours! 
It's by the harbourside in Brixham so there had to be blue. I thought about painting shells or maybe a starfish but decided to keep it simple. A nice big shiny sun lifted the feel of it.

And here's the finished sign, all ready to go. :)

Better? :)

and finally, a new commission popped into my inbox this morning, a challenge and something I've never tackled before but one I'm happy to take on. I shall reveal all when it's done. :)

Bye for now, have a lovely weekend!


rossichka said...

Hello, Jessie! First I want to say that I like your Christmas paintings, especially the one with the reindeer!
I think it's nice to end the year being busy with so many projects, besides different ones! I wish you to receive new and in new in 2014, too!
These strange orange faces in the first sketch somehow remind me of sunflowers - such an unexpected image!:)

CJ said...

Beautiful paintings, your success is well deserved, and congratulations on the new commission, how exciting! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

You have been very busy with commissions. They are both beautiful. And now another commission? Great.

denthe said...

So exciting all those commissions! I love how you made that appartment-sign. Soooo much better! Love your more intuitive paintings as well!

Martina said...

Wow, love both these commissions Jess, and am sure they will be loved! Have a uper strat to your week!

Kyra Wilson said...

It all looks wonderful! :)

Introverted Art said...

I love the pages and I love the canvas. They are so beautiful... colorful and joyful.