Monday, 4 November 2013

A Coastal Walk and a Work in Progress

view to Churston Cove, South Devon

Thankyou for your kind comments about my new cushion. I very pleased with it especially as my lovely buttons have a new dwelling place :) I just hope it stands the test of time!
A few days ago I was in Devon, mainly working but managed to have a little break or two to enjoy the sunshine.

Brixham Harbour, South Devon

I felt quite warm there considering it was November but the weather's changed today and it's so very cold! Maybe this is the proper start of autumn? 
I've been spending time today working on some small mixed media paintings and my fingers are FREEZING *cold. I think it might be time to put the heating on for longer. 
Can I ask all you Northern Hemisphere people, do you have your heating on all the time yet?

Here's one of my paintings on canvas board nearing its conclusion. I'll post it as soon as I've finished but in the meantime, can you see what it is yet?  What does it say to you? 
I'd love to hear your ideas! xx


CJ said...

Lovely photos, it looks like a beautiful spot. We haven't put our heating on at all yet. I like to hold off as long as possible. My other half works at home though, so it's on more than it would be if it was just me.

Anne said...

Its spring down here and I have my fire going today! :)

Lovely picture beautiful colours :)

Tammie Lee said...

that looks like a wonderful place to be and explore.

your painting is charming as can be!

chrissies said...

A very beautiful place to walk.

Such a stunning canvas. It seems to me to say 'dreams' as I see the things that maybe are in our dreams-dresses, houses,gardens--a beautiful face.

I live in NE UK and it has been very cold but we don't have our heating on very often as it is too expensive for us. We go for long walks and wear thick jumpers even indoors. Our house is modern and well insulated so it isn't freezing cold like the house we lived in when I was a child. Only one cold fire in the living room and ice on the inside of the windows in winter--now that was cold.

Love Chrissie x

Paper rainbow said...

I love your photos, it does look unseasonally warm! Your new canvas is delightful, I love the way you paint leaves, and your use of colour. The figures look fairytale-like.

Corn Dena said...

the painting looks lovely!! love the colors you used!


denthe said...

Devon sure looks like a nice place. Love the beautiful colours on your canvas. Looks a bit like dreaming, of summer and warmth maybe ....?

Kim Mailhot said...

Heat is on in the mornings here, but the afternoons have been warmer. But it is coming...
I love the colors you are playing with ! Such a rainbow. Looking forward to seeing what comes next !
Happy Creating ! Stay warm !