Friday, 18 October 2013

A Scanner, a Snowqueen, Doodles and some Knitting

I've not been posting for a while have I? Sorry about that, I did miss it! The reason being is that my scanner broke the other day.
Here's what happened. I had to move my art table away from the wall so that my broken window blind could be fixed.  You see my scanner sits at the back of my art table and there is... (was) a small gap between the table and the wall. The blind was fixed, all was good until...
I wanted to use the scanner. I lifted the lid and the whole thing fell CRASH off the back of the table. THE GAP WAS TOO WIDE BETWEEN THE TABLE AND WALL!
I thought it was just injured
but it was dead.


I need my scanner to get clear images of my paintings and so now I have to do with taking photos of them instead. I hope these aren't too bad quality, my camera's not particularly clever or expensive but it does its best. :)

So let me show you what I've been doing of late.
The images I've shown you so far are in my sketchbook. The top one is inspired by a book I read recently called The Snow Child. There isn't any Snow Queen in the book but hey, artistic license and all that! ;)

The open pages of my sketchbook show on the left, a tiny glimpse of a sketch I copied out of a magazine (something I've not done for years!) and on the right a pen doodle using just black and purple.

 I have finally finished the cardigan! It's been unpicked several times due to my lack of concentration and making really stupid mistakes. It looks ok though doesn't it? Let's hope it fits the little person I made it for. :)

After struggling to follow that knitting pattern for so long I really have the need for a more relaxed way of knitting so I've started some free-styley colour  knitting.

 MUCH more relaxing, no counting and no reading ancient hieroglyphics.

 PS The ancient knitting pattern is now in the recycling bin. I will not be making that one again!


CJ said...

Oh poor you, how frustrating. I haven't blogged for a while because I can't work out how to get my photos onto the computer at the moment. Sigh. Your photos of your beautiful art are fine though. I love the purple and black one. Great knitting too! Hope you all have a good weekend.

Elisabeth Firsching said...

Love your free style, it shows exactly that it was made with joy, is it?! Your paintings are beautiful as allways, we use imagination, we your followers have that as well ;-) ;-) ;-)

Victoria said...

Wowness..these new works are so magnificently dazzling..full of vibrational beautiful too! Gorgeous and unique...stunning!!
Love the new knitted treasure..!
Wishing you a blissful wkd friend! Sorry about your scanner fun!!
Magical post..thanks for sharing you creative spirit!

chrissies said...

Sorry your scanner died but your photographs of your artwork are beautiful.

Nice cardigan even if it was difficult but eh free style knitting is even better

Love Chrissie x

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Love the black & purple girl, she's super cool.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Love the black & purple girl, she's super cool.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow...your knitted sweater is so precious!! Wonderful work!!!

I really love your purple doodle...she is so pretty and the design just dances on the page so gracefully.

Anne Manda said...

What a scanner catastrophe! But your photos look very nice! Beautiful snow queen and lovely doodle girl!

Nicola said...

Hi Jessie, sorry to hear about your scanner, I think those photos are fine. I really liked that sneak peak of the picture you sketched from the magazine! Something quite different from your other work. Loving the doodle and Ice Queen too, I always think your work would make wonderful book illustrations! :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Sorry about your scanner accident !
I am in love with your Snow Queen ! Her face is just beautiful !
I have the Snow Child on the top of my books to read. I haven't been reading much these days. I have been listening to audio books more, as I can stitch or paint at the same time. I think with winter being on its way, reading may just become a priority again.
Have a super weekend, Talented One !

Merlesworld said...

I like the first cardy but the second one is more to my style, lots of lovely colour.
Your painting is great, I remember the story of the snow queen not my favourite story too cold and icy.

Cameron said...

Wow! You are such a talented knitter! I've tried it and only have the patience for scarves using chunky yarn and really thick needles....haha! My attention span isn't that long :)

I'm sorry about your scanner. I think your pictures look fine! Great sketches...the magazine referenced one is amazing, too!

Robin Larkspur said...

Condolences on the loss of your scanner!
Your Snow Queen is elegant! And I love your doodle better than anyone I know!!
Your knitting is scrumptious, love the little sweater.
and the colors of your free-style are splendid.

Paper rainbow said...

I love your snow queen!! As for that knitting and the cardi I wish I had your patience, I managed to knit about two dozen hats for age concerns
Innocent Smoothie campaign. That really did test my resolve but that is my limit! A cardigan would most certaintly finish me off!! ;)

Fallingladies said...

I am loving your snow queen! She's wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the scanner. You're multitalented, a skilled artist as well as a knitter! I love all of these creations very much.

Martina said...

You've been busy Jess! Love your sketches and your cardi - so good to have it now! Have a happy sunday!

Amalia K Aradea said...

Oh you poor darling, so sorry to hear about your scanner, may it rests in peace. But hey, just look at those gorgeous paintings! I love how you've used minimal colors and still have them look "yours". I hope you're well, and ready for the coming Halloween! ;)

Erin K said...

Amazing! These drawings are beautiful...I so adore your Snow Queen. Don't worry your camera does them a fair good deal of justice. <3

So sorry to hear about your scanner! How awful. I hope you find a new one soon.

You're a talented knitter too..there's no way I could do that or have much patience for it. Heck I find crochet hard enough. lol.. I always love the colours you pick, so cheerful. <3

Jane said...

I am impressed by your great creativity , really awesome works ...both the paintings and the sweater, wow !

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, are So multi-talented. Your artwork is detailed, which I heartily love.

How lovely.

Tammie Lee said...

sorry to hear about your scanner!

your art is so charming. the snow queen is lovely and the other is quite fun.

lovely sunday to you~