Friday, 28 June 2013

Woolly Stuff

I've finished my woolen cowl scarf just in time for the high winds we had last Saturday. Who'd have thought I'd be wearing it before next autumn! I enjoyed the test drive, it's lovely and soft and the colour very perfect for a purple obsessed person like myself don't you think? You can see more details on Ravelry here.

Do you remember the knitting/washing disaster I had a few months ago?

When this...

turned into this...

Too small for anyone to wear, far too tightly felted to stretch over even the smallest of arms!
A washing disaster that made me sad at all the hours I'd put into knitting it. I wrote to the company that made the yarn and they gave me vouchers to buy more yarn. 
Happy me!
But what to do with the tiny cardigan now?

The obvious solution!

I sewed up the arms and along the bottom and hey presto, a new pegbag to replace my old one that was falling to pieces. :)
So what next?
I've started my newest knitting project, it's going to be a little cardigan for a small girl. The pattern's one I've had for many years and shouldn't take too long to do.( I'm a bit wary of long projects now!)

I'm also cautious of the yarn I'm going to use. I don't want any more shrinkages! I'm making the smallest size that the pattern goes to which is 22. That's as small as I hope it ever gets!

For those of you who kindly helped me think of a name for my latest face, I've chosen 'Lilly'. 
You can see her here.

Have a great weekend, the sun is out today so maybe I can finally put my scarf away for a little while? :)


Sophie said...

Oh what a thrifty idea!
Love it.
But a bit sorry about your lovely cardi

Veronique said...

What a great idea, Jess!
Enjoy your new knitting project

Merlesworld said...

What a pity that was a lovely cardigan.