Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spend The day In a Happy Way

Here's a little acrylic painting I did yesterday quite quickly and stuck it in my sketchbook. She's looking a little melancholy but I think you'll understand why if you came to visit here then. The text that's underneath I cut from one of my birthday cards, maybe a slight contrast but I liked the happy words. :) and  rather think it's a good motto to have for a birthday don't you?

We can't always spend every day doing our favourite things, especially if we have so many that even if we were able do our favourite things, they wouldn't all fit into a day anyway!

One thing I like to do is to spend time with friends and today was one of those days.

Today I've been getting my paintings ready for the exhibition that I'm taking part in soon. My friend who's also in the show came over to my house and we had a nice morning together talking about painting and families and lots of other things we have in common. We delivered our paintings to the gallery and are very much looking forward to the exhibition. It's called 'Cornucopia' and will be at the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol from the 9th February until the 2nd March.

Look through my window at all that snow falling.
They say it's getting much warmer soon, the sun's coming out as I write so you never know!


Kim Mailhot said...

Looking for bits of joy while we allow ourself to feel sadness is what this bittersweet living seems to be about.
Sending light and love to you. Hoping for sunshine and warmth for all of us who need it !

Introverted Art said...


Jess said...

Thankyou Kim, your words describe it perfectly.x

Thankyou Ana :)

Bella Bee said...

Wonderful - I will be able to stop by and see your exhibition. I go to Bristol every so often; this will be a perfect excuse to go again. Make sure you blog once opened as a reminder.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I like her hair with the spirals...good luck in your show!!

Robin Larkspur said...

Very sweet drawing, especially the hair. Seeing a stack of art waiting to go to an exhibition is a very happy thing.
I love the engravings on your chairs, I am such a nosy one for detail!!
Have a terrific snowy day.

Cameron said...

OOoo, how exciting...all your paintings wrapped up and ready to shine at the gallery!

I hope you and your friend do very well...and even better, are having fun with the whole experience :)

Hope warmth finds you while you find more favorite things to indulge in!

Karen said...

Best of luck with the exhibition Jess xx

Clare said...

I love seeing work completed - that pile of precious art work all wrapped up and ready to go. That word cornucopia - I keep seeing it / hearing it - and it is unusual -mmm it's got me wondering........ Ah snow - how beautiful.

rossichka said...

That girl is a little bit sad, but the choice of her dress speaks that she needs something to cheer her up!
I hope the exhibition will lighten your days - how exciting, I'm just trying to imagine how you are feeling. I suppose it's close to the way I feel every time I have to perform in front of the audience and especially when I have a premiere!
So, good luck with the exhibition to you and your friend, Jessie!
Chatting, dreaming, snowing... how nice!:)

Jess said...

Thankyou, it's nice being in a group exhibition, the load can be shared!xx