Friday, 18 January 2013

It's Arrived!

 These were taken in my garden yesterday. While most of the country was covered in the white stuff it seemed to missed here completely.

Even this primrose that I've shown you before here hadn't seen any frost since I last showed you it in November. That snail hadn't finished it off either!

 Spring really looked as though it was beginning. Bulbs are shooting

Snow? -  it seemed very unlikely.

But at last it's arrived, so here are the obligatory snowy pics of my back garden today!

No longer looking like a messy wintery flowerbed, now nice white fluffy pom-poms!

 See that nice smooth white patch on the ground?

How could I resist? ;)


Deborah said...

Love your art! snow does make everything so pretty but I hope your spring plants are ok :) have a wonderfully happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

PS have you entered my Valentine giveaway?

Micki Wilde said...

Eww we are covered in snow, it might look pretty but I can't stand the stuff. It looks like it's here to stay a while too, silly weather!!

Love the snow bird you made, very cool (pun unintended)
Stay warm hun X

millefeuilles said...

Pretty snow bird! I am a shameless snow lover; it just turns a normal day into a special occasion.


Robin Larkspur said...

your snow bird is adorable!

...Tabiboo... said...

Blimey - that is a lot of snow 'yay!'

We've had none today, but I think that's all going to change from tonight.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the snow,

Nina x

Carol said...

How cute! I love birds in the garden. We're white all over too. Have a lovely weekend and keep warm.
Carol xx

Lovely Elika said...

wow! i haven't seen snow this whole winter =) hope it snows a little bit. I really miss it even though it's messy

loved ur sketchbooks too! I wish I was that organized haha. they were beautiful dear

Introverted Art said...

wow, wow, wow Jess. Look at this color!

Priti.Lisa said...

I could read your blog all day Jess! It's the good part of not visiting as much as I should...I get to catch up!
You made the snow seem happy, and it is pretty at first, until it's all footprinted up
Loved reading about your sketch books,
loved seeing the pages too...feels like such a sneaky thing to do.
I am not even gonna bring up the cardigan...
or the holidays.
Glad you decided to keep blogging,
you have one of the best!
Your photography is so good and your writing! and your art! and you are pretty too!!!
That's the list of reasons I like you...♥♥

Veronique said...

Here it's very cold (-20C) but sunny!
Perfect weather to stay in and paint or prepare art classes!

Tammie Lee said...

winter is such an interesting season, the way it changes daily. Spring is so far away for us. I think we are one third into winter.... so i will think of sliding through the woods on skis....

Cameron said...

OMG! What a transformation! Looks pretty, but I'm so glad I live in California.....haha!

Bella Bee said...

I think the only place to escape the snows are the south west tips of Cornwall (maybe Plymouth). I am not sure whether to feel glad or sorry for them. Doesn't the snow make everything look good?

CraveCute said...

Jessie, looking over your past few posts and I couldn't resist pinning your snow bird! So fun!