Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New 2013 to Everyone.

Hello dear reader, I hope you've had a lovely festive time since I last saw you. It's been a while since I've been here hasn't it and maybe the longest ever blog break I've ever had! 
It's been a very eventful christmas/birthday/new year time for me.

We had singing and playing,

baubles and glitter

and family meals of every description,

We had days at the sea-side with the youngest of the clan

and present opening with the older ones too.

I'd rather like shiny glitter around me all the time wouldn't you? I do have fairy lights that I keep up all year round, oh yes and of course my collection of fairies that were probably designed for christmas tree decorations but they've never reached the tree because they hang permanently from a kitchen shelf. I think it might perhaps be a step too eccentric to have a christmas tree up all year as well? (Yes, it is, isn't it.) 
Don't worry, you'll be relieved to know that mine's now gone to the recycling centre. :) 

It's been quite a holiday season this year. The highs were extremely high and the lows extremely low, in fact so low that I almost thought about giving up blogging altogether. But as you can see that didn't happen and I'm still here!

A wintery walk in Clevedon a couple of days ago.
 The sun was almost setting and the pier looked so pretty in the thin wintery light.

There are going to be some changes and some new projects for me this year. Firstly I'm going to go back to life drawing sessions, something I haven't done for nearly two years so I'm a bit nervous about how my drawing from observation will be after all that time! I shall (possibly?) show you the results here next week.
I'm also going to be involved in a group art exhibition in Bristol which I'll tell you more about very soon.

 Clevedon, Somerset. 

So for now, I wish you a very
Happy new year. xx


Carol said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a lovely time with the family, beautiful photos.
Carol xx

Lindsay Whimsy said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas - great photos! I can't wait to see your new drawings! Lindsay :)

Nadia said...

Happy New Year Jess! You're Christmas looked very colourfull!!

Catherine Denton said...

Looks and sounds like a lovely Christmas! I'm glad you didn't give up blogging and I hope your down is fading. Please let me know if you ever show your fairy collection here, I'd love to see it! :)
Catherine Denton

...Tabiboo... said...

Happy New Year and 2013 Jess.

Here's to being courageous together.

Nina x

Young at Heart said...

love your colourful christmas tree.....when I was a kid I used to want to live inside the christmas tree amongst the glitter and the pine tree did not smell of pine or anything at all this year!!!

Yvonne Stewart said...

Happy New Year! I love having a little peek into your family life, beautiful photos. Life drawing sounds great, not done any for ages either, i'd love to see the results x

Veronique said...

Lovely pictures Jessie!
Christmas season can be challenging...
I'm starting life drawing again ... Wish you a creative new year!
Veronique from Canada

rachel awes said...

it looks like you've been in good company, dear one.
happy new year with love xox

Introverted Art said...

oh Jess these images are amazing!

lynne h said...

happy, happy new year jess... i wish you all the best with *everything*! i know you'll do fantastic at life drawing; i'm going to try my hand at botanical illustration...



Bella Bee said...

I hope 2013 brings more of the high rather than low stuff. (I suppose we need a bit of both).

Good luck with the life drawing. I always find this takes quite a lot of out of me as it requires so much concentration. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

Mandel said...

Happy new year to you! :) Looks like you had a really nice and happy time :) I loooove your colorful christmas tree :)

jodi said...

I have been enjoying looking around your lovely, creative blog just now. That pier you photographed may be the most beautiful pier ever.
Well, hello and happy new year! I hope that 2013 will be a year full of inspiration for you and that your life drawing classes are wonderful.

Karen said...

Happy New year Jess! Hope 2013 is fantastic and all you dream it to be. xx

Carol said...

Hi Jess, re your comment on my blog - because blogger often plays up - as I am writing I usually keep copying and pasting it into a word document. It doesn't save the photos so you have to redo that bit but at least it saves the 'words'. Since I changed from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome I have had less problems but today's 'loss' was a reminder to not be so blase in future!
Yes, I will certainly post about Yarndale.
Carol xx

Victoria said...

Yay..what a super beautiful post..lovely festive pictures and beautiful loved ones all around..very very special! Wishing you a fabulous 2013 filled with many new blessings and always magic!

Carrie Elizabeth Wachter-Martinez said...

What a gorgeous picture of the pier! So wonderful to be with family this time of year...Happy Birthday (a Capricorn like me perhaps?)! Wishing you a great year :)


Tammie Lee said...

I am sorry that you had some hard times or as you say low times recently. It sounds as though you might be through it now.

how fun that you will take life drawing again. I can only guess that you will pick right up and bring a new dimension to what you create.

so lovely to see your family.
warm hug