Monday, 19 November 2012

Getting Bigger

After a wonderful weekend visiting family in London, it's back to the painting table for me this cold Monday morning.
Welcome to my new followers, thankyou for becoming followers of my little blog, it's lovely to see you here. :)
If you've seen my last few posts you'll know that I've been working quite small lately, making ACEOs which are only 2½ x 3½ins. I'm stepping up a gear today and painting on A5 size now. It's funny how it seems so big. Who'd have thought that at one time I was painting on canvas 6 x 6ft?!

While I was in London I wanted to go and see the Harrod's window displays. I didn't take any photos thinking I wouldn't do them justice but they were gorgeous. The theme appeared to be Fairytales and as that's been an interest of mine since time began, I came away feeling very inspired!

Here are some images of the displays that I found online...
Cinderella by Versace

 Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab

Sleeping Beauty. 
My youngest called to me saying, "Come and look at the dead person in the window!"

 Beauty and the Beast by Valentino

Pocohontas by Robert Cavalli

In some cases I actually like the design drawings as much as the actual displays!

Here's Mulan by Mussoni...

 Mulan by Mussoni

Harrod's christmas window display images taken from


And here's a little video I took of one of the fairies in a tree. I really must learn how to operate my camera!


Sandra van Doorn said...

oh wow! i’ll be in london next week can’t wait to see all that… it’s magical!

Tammie Lee said...

welcome back to your art table!

thank you for sharing Harrod's windows. I had no idea that they are magical.

lovely week to you~

...Tabiboo... said...

My girls would love these - they truly are a beautiful fairytale.

Nina x

Amalia K said...

Thank you for sharing Harrods window displays, Jess. I remember keeping my Mom during their big God, how I hated the long queue before the shop was opened!! Do they still have that now?

Glad to see you busy in the studio too. I hope you're warm and cozy! :))

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I saw last years Harrods display which was beautiful and wanted to go again this year but I don't think I'll have the time now which is a shame.

Thank you for sharing the pictures though, it looks breathtaking.

Jess said...

Thankyou! Even though I like in the UK I very rarely go to Harrods so it was a treat to see! As for queues,thankfully it was a normal shopping day and not the opening or anything like that so there was plenty of room to see all the decorations. Last time I was there Simon Cowell was shopping with his girlfriend, quite a surreal experience. :)

Carol said...

Absolutely fantastic, what amazing images. I imagine it is wonderful "in the flesh". Very sweet fairy.
Carol xx

Janice said...

wow, what fabulous displays. Sleeping Beauty is my fave. Well done you for managing to get such good shots among the thronging hoards!