Saturday, 6 October 2012

Warm and Bright

I've been playing in my sketchbook with some golden orange paint. Perhaps I'm getting influenced by the warm coloured surroundings of autumn?

The fruit bowl's looking tasty today bathed in light. It won't stay that full for long let me tell you!

This is a baby sumac in my garden that's still in a pot. We planted it from a cutting and one day it'll be tall enough to plant out. If it's this pretty this small, it'll be amazing when it's big won't it?

The woods hold a mystery and magic for me. I love the way the light peeps between the trees and discovering little flowers or fungi growing in unexpected places!

I've just listed this mixed media painting 'Garland in the Woods' in my Etsy shop. 
Please click here to see more details.

I hope I get a chance to walk in the woods before too long! :)

But today I'm taking my painting (above) 'Travelling Dreams' to the RWA for the second round of judging. They'll let everyone know by the 10th if it's a yay or a nay.

+++++++++++UPDATE NEWS++++++++++++++++++
It was a 'nay'.


rossichka said...

Dear Jess, the exhibition is over, but the last couple of posts are like a small online exhibition for us! It's such a pleasure to look at your paintings, gathered here! Congratulations on the sold one and on the chosen one! I believe those in Etsy will soon find their happy owners!
Your paintings with pink and purple are so tender! The button idea is very interesting, do you think to use these "stamps" again?
The orange colouring looks provoking and maybe the autumn will inspire you for more "shining" sketches and paintings,
I wish you lovely time in your beautiful garden!:)x

kathy hare said...

What a beautiful colourful post.. I don't get to visit your blog so often these days but what a visual feast it is.. <3 xx

kathy hare said...

I also have a cutleaf sumac in my garden. I love them! their autumn leaves are stunning.. :) and I have two very tiny cuttings growing in pots.. how old is your baby tree?

renilde said...

your paintings are like singing, some softly humming some a bit louder, i love the light blue 'hole' in this one, like an inviting gate to step into.

my mother had a sumac in her garden, i remember it so clearly because of it autumn colour, and the leaves i dried so many times, i also got a spice in my kitchen, brought from Turkey, it's made from the sumac bobs(i don't know from which species exactly, there are many)

wishing you good luck at the RWA, x

Jess said...

Thankyou Rossichka, I enjoyed discovering the shapes that buttons made and found it very inspiring to find new shapes to play with. I like to try new things so who knows what else I'll use for a stamp! :)

Thanks Kathy,it's lovely to see you here! I think it's about 4 years old but I'm hopeless at remembering things so that might not be entirely accurate. :)

Thankyou Renilde, that's a lovely thing to say! It's interesting what you say about the spices, I must look into that!

Bella Gingell said...

The purple woodland painting with the orange orbs are superb. It has a real life to it.

I walk in the woods every day so it is good to see this and remember how lucky I am. (Although they have become quite muddy of late).

Introverted Art said...

oh those tangerines look good. I love how you captured the beautiful shade of orange on your paintings.

Tammie Lee said...

love that you are finding inspiration from your fruit bowl and the season. each piece is a joy to see.

Jess said...

Thankyou Bella! It must be lovely to see the changing seasons each day. :)

Thankyou Ana and Tammie!

...Tabiboo... said...

The very colour I love at this time of year.

I hope you had some fab birthday celebrations and a wonderful weekend.

Nina x

Victoria said...

Wow..such a beautiful post the magical photos of your home..and that fabulous table!!..what a gorgeous tree and festive autumn colors ! yay!! and wowness..such deeply beautiful art! your works carry such presence and that!
I peeked at the post below as well..magnificent !!
Wishing you a most magical day full of light, joy and many sparkles of beauty all around your heart!

Jess said...

Thankyou Nina, it was a lovely weekend, I hope yours was too. :)

Thankyou Victoria, you're so lovely. Your post lifted me up at the moment I needed it the most.x

Victoria Stitch said...

beautiful autumn colours, It's hard not to be influenced by our surroundings! in answer to your question the other day-I'm not entirely sure if I have been to the pitt rivers museum- I may very well have been taken there as a child as I remember going to a few museums in oxford (the ashmoleum is my favourite) but as I can't remember it I should probably say no!

Alexandra said...

These are great. I LOVE love the orange dress. Really makes the piece pop! Oh, and may I have an apple? ;)