Friday, 19 October 2012


sketchbook page

Well what do you know, I'm painting owls today.

 I love owls. They're so very different to other birds with their enormous head and round body. There's something engaging about the way they look at you too isn't there?

I haven't heard one hooting for a while but it's a night time sound I would love to hear again one day.

I thought it about time I did a little 'portrait' of one of my favourite birds and chose to make an ACEO on watercolour paper. He's quite pretty but he's definitely a boy.

He's painted on strong watercolour paper with inks and watercolour and I've just put him in my shop. 
If you take a fancy to him I'm sure he'd be happy to fly to your home!

Please click here for more details. :)



Victoria said...

Wowness..I am deeply struck by this gorgeous embrace of owl! Magnificent and beautiful! Very special piece Jess..and I love the words in the painting..very potent!!
And..this other one..Gorgeous colorful owl too..very whimsical piece..enchanting colors!!
Thanks for adding Owl magic into my day..I too have an affinity for these gentle creatures!

Mandel said...

Hi Jess :)
There is something very striking about the first picture. Owls symbolize a lot to me like calmness and wisdom. There is also something almost magical about them. I love how the girl embraces the owl (and like you wrote) her own soul as well... This is really meaningful. I will have to think about it...
Thank you for sharing!

Mandel :)

Kyra said...

I just got a commission on owls yesterday, so I'm painting them myself! LOVE owls! We have big white barn owls that swoop by my windows all the time. They really are fascinating creatures!

I LOVE the sketchbook page, just so pretty!

Victoria Stitch said...

loving the colours of these- so pretty. I always hear them hooting when I'm staying at my boyfriend's grandparents house.

Introverted Art said...

Jess, this is so pretty. I love the first one, the owl with the girl... so touching and gentle.

Ana M.F. said...

I love the sketchbook page, really beautiful.

Diane said...

I love the purple of the painting above. Such a pretty piece...owls are the best! You represent them well. I really love the feeling of your work.

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Wisdom and comfort. Their adorable!

Ginny said...

I love the vibrant colors that you use and all of the attention that you pay to the details in your paintings.

noelle said...

Hi Jessie, wonderful paintings, loving the Owls. We are lucky enough to have an Owl, a Bengal Eagle Owl, he's beautiful with the most gorgeous big,orange eyes! xx