Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Halloween Inspired Sketch and a Book of Witches

a page from my sketchbook

With the reminder of Halloween hovering around Blogland recently, I've been reading a book we've had lying around the house for a long time. It's called The Witches Handbook by Malcolm Bird. My eldest daughter used to love this book and having read it in bed myself last night, I now understand why. No War and Peace for me when I'm feeling under the weather. (Actually, that's just an excuse.)

The illustrations are genius and have so much thought and detail in them.
See for yourself!


This is one of the pages giving the modern day witch advice (that's you, the reader) as to which pets are the best ones to keep.
I love their expressions, don't you? My favourite one is the frogs!

 My daughter told me years later that she thought at the time that she really was a witch! Children are so impressionable, I wonder when it dawned on her that she wasn't? Hmm...I'll ask her next time I see her.

Thankyou to Harriet at Victoria Stitch for inspiring this witchy blogpost. See the lovely witch illustrations on her blog here. :)


Kyra said...

The frog one cracked me up. My son and I just read through them all, he was very interested! :)

Micki Wilde said...

Love the colours in your journal page and I especially love the detail in her clothing!!

The witches are fabulous, so funny and wonderfully illustrated!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

love your painting, and thanks for sharing a fantastic book!
x sandra

Tammie Lee said...

super fun post, thank you for the whimsical witch art and facts ;-)

love your painting too~

yes Harriet shares wonderful books and halloween ones too~

martinealison said...

Très amusant...
J'adore votre illustration !
Gros bisous et merci pour cette publication ensorceleuse!

renilde said...

i just had a look at your sketchbook pages, they are so lively, filled with adventurous and dreamy girls, flowers and birds of course and sparkling color, they never fail to make me smile, take care xx

great witches too

Victoria Stitch said...

thanks for the link :) and for opening my eyes to a new book I havn't seen before! amazon wish list here I come!

Rita said...

LOVE the autumn colored beauty at the top and LOVE your fun witches. Wonderful, all of them!

Bella Gingell said...

The frog one got me smiling too.

Lisa Graham Art said...

What a fun looking Halloween book.

Jessie...your art page is beautiful!!! The colors are awesome! Her clothes are so pretty and I love how you did her hair and eyes!

Amalia K said...

Right. This one is definitely a new favorite of mine! I love how there's a depth of darkness in this painting, Jess. It almost feels like something is burning in the background.

I don't think I've read this book before...must go find myself a copy! :)

Victoria said...

Jess..oh my..this one steals my heart too..so visually captivating..especially the colors..and the red on her dress..magical!! This is fantastical!