Sunday, 14 October 2012

Be Healthy

This is the first page of my current sketchbook. I wrote these words from a book I was reading at the time.


It's a lovely sunny weekend but I'm not enjoying it to the full because I'm feeling ill at the moment. It'll pass, like all things so don't worry about me, I'm just having an introspective time if that's ok. :)
Whatever comes along in life to disappoint or to challenge, none of these things matter when you're not feeling well. 
When you're young you think you're invincible and life will carry on forever, (or so many years ahead in the future, it feels like forever to think about it!) 

Health is the most important thing of all, don't you think? We should cherish the life we have and take care of ourselves because this is the only body we're ever going to get.


Kyra said...

I think often about health, too. The older we get, the more we realize how very fragile it all is. I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I hope it passes quickly!

Sandra van Doorn said...

i love a good dose of inspiration. hope you feel better soon xo

Anonymous said...

i havent been around these parts for such along looks amazing your new header too:)
sending healing wishes your way... xx

Carol said...

Couldn't agree more, good health is priceless. Hoping you are soon feeling better.
Carol xx

Introverted Art said...

oh Jess, it is so inspiring your sketchbook page. Inspirational and uplifting.

rachel awes said...

powerful words.
thank you for sharing them.
i too am not feeling great
+ i send you big empathy hugs!!

Jess said...

Thankyou, I'm still feeling quite rough but on the mend slowly.xx