Friday, 12 October 2012

Addicted to Doodling


Do you go through phases of drawing and doodling a lot, then other times almost forget you even have a sketchbook? I'm like an addict with mine, once I start, I keep on wanting to do more and more hence the last post, this one
and no doubt a few more after this one!

Often I just doodle and see what comes out of the tip of my brush or pen. I like to try different medium, for instance the one above is a mixture of fibre tip pens and brush pens with a touch of watercolour too.

Sometimes I create a random image just to try out a particular colour combination. This one above has sepia ink in the background and I discovered that the blues and pinks shine out much more than they would have done leaving the background plain, don't you think?

Sometimes  my emotions at the time of drawing are there to be seen very clearly. (I added the writing after I'd finished the doodle, my arms aren't actually long you know!)

Perhaps my head was in a spin when I drew this one?!

Very occasionally I'll copy another illustrator that I like. It's a great way to learn different techniques, although having said that, these days when I do copy, I tend to do it in my own style.

The lady on the left is entirely made up but the one on the right was inspired by the dolls I've seen on Pinterest.


Can I say hello and thankyou to new followers! I'm so honoured to have you here reading my little old blog. This is a great community and one that has saved me in many ways and I do hope you enjoy your time here. :)

I shall be posting more doodly drawings very soon!


Rosie said...

Wow, you are very prolific. It's been a long time since I have actually drawn on paper. You make me want to return to the paintbox.

Deborah said...

Beautiful as always :) have a happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

Jess said...

Hi Rosie, I hope you do! I love the tactile qualities of the real thing. :)

Thankyou very much Deborah, you too!

Ginny said...

I love your style. Your work always leaves me with a smile.

Victoria Stitch said...

I looove the dark gothic one at the end! I've seen some dolls like that on pinterest too, I wish I could afford one!

Jess said...

Aww thankyou Ginny. You saying that makes me smile too. :)

Thanks Harriet, they're amazing aren't they? I think I'd get spooked out if I had one in my bedroom at night!

Amalia K said...

When I was in college, I had Color Theory. It was an awesome class, and if you had been one of my classmates, I'm sure that you would have aced it! You work is always so full of color goodness! :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

I really love getting to see all this doodling you've done...what a wonderful style on all of these pages. I am ready to get back to my sketchbooks...I've been painting on big canvases for weeks now.

Happy weekend to you!

millefeuilles said...

Hello clever lady!

I am SO very glad I took the time to visit you today! What a beautiful array of 'doodles' as you so modestly call them. Your colour schemes never cease to surprise.

I love the figure dancing on her tiptoes with her head spinning and I like your first lady with the black sun dress. It reminds me of an embroidery I am working on which is called Bloom Where You Are Planted. I love incorporating themes in dresses.

I agree the online community is a real saving grace.


Jess said...

Thankyou so much Amalia! I did have a colour theory lesson back in the day and I must say it was the best art lesson I ever did have.

Hi Lisa, that sounds exciting, it's good to have a change isn't it. Happy sketching!

Hi Stephanie, I'm very glad you took the time too! :) I love the sound of your 'Bloom where you are planted'. I too love incorporating themes in dresses you might have noticed. ;) Thankyou for your sweet words. :)

Laura said...

I love all your doodles! Especially the last one. I go through periods of sketching and then forgetting I have a sketch book. But I'm working on spending more time drawing.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jess said...

Thankyou Laura, I hope you have a lovely sketching time!

Carol said...

Beautiful, those dark ladies are stunning.
Carol xx