Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Sorry to those of you who came here today to see my new autumn inspired pictures! I had a head filled with autumn leaves, golds, purples and reds...

 but I had to draw a blue bike,
 I couldn't rest until I did, oH and some roses too!

sketchbook with fineliner pens

Today I came back from the hairdressers with my youngest. She'd had her hair cut and blow dried in a style that I am apparently 'too old to know what she means.'

She's happy, so I'm happy. Parents of teenagers will possibly understand. (!)

note: She's the one in the foreground with the blonde hair, not the spiral headed lady behind her. That isn't either the hair stylist or me, its my artistic licence!


Anonymous said...

:) I'm not a parent, but your teenager story made me smile--reminds me of my young teenage cousins (and how I'm too old to understand certain thing),

I love getting to peak into people's art journals--they seem so alive and like a playground for us. Awesome bike. I find bicycle details a challenge--you painted it beautifully. I also love your rose study--such great detail and rich colors.

Have a beautiful day :)

renilde said...

hanging on to summer a little longer ;, the portrait of your daughter is just beautiful, the whole two pages are but her eyes are great, x

Micki Wilde said...

I have a 13 year old boy and believe me his hair is just as touchy a subject lol, oh the life of a mum ;o)

Love your drawings and painting of the blue bike!!

rachel awes said...

the dark background on your blog is so restful on my eyes + i also love how your drawings pop out of it! + i adore your blue bike, + all your faces.
yes, parenting is certainly its own ride to be sure! love from this mama to you! xox

Sandra van Doorn said...

oh i love that blue bike! reminds me of my own :)

Tammie Lee said...

love seeing your sketches.
i have people in my life that have their hair done... twice a week.

Jess said...

Thankyou ♥ I had a fun time drawing in my sketchbook! Maybe I'll get those autumn colours out really soon. :)

Kyra said...

I just took my daughter to a stylist before school started and she got something that I agree, I don't get. I'm clearly far too old to be "hip" anymore (saying saying hip makes that true, I suppose!)

Bella Gingell said...

The summer colours are probably a sign of ho happy you are (and you daughter).

I tried to sound cool at work the other day saying I as born in the year Radio One started and that Hendrix hit the charts with 'Hey Joe' (knowing if I said the year, my young colleague would laugh). Guess what he said? "Who's Jimi Hendrix"!

Jess said...

My daughter asked who Joan Armatrading was the other day and she's in her thirties! (Yes I was a child bride.)x