Saturday, 11 August 2012

St Ives

Hello, I'm back from my holiday. :)
Thankyou to new people here for becoming a follower!
I've just spent a week in my favourite holiday place in the world, St Ives in Cornwall.

I saw star-like plants spreadeagled in all their pointy glory

and frilly magenta greater knapweed soaking up the sun.

Bright clusters of glorious yellow ragwort were dotted along the coast path.
Is it me or do you think there are more wild flowers in bloom this year than ever before? It could be all that rain we had the last few weeks!
 These poor crabs were washed up on the beach, ready-meals for the seagulls. A welcome alternative I like to think from their usual diet of pasties, chips and ice-creams.

But with the rain, comes the glorious rainbow and what better place to see one than over the bay of St Ives. I don't mind what the weather's like when I'm here, I can't imagine a nicer place to be. :)

Most of the week was very hot but I managed to squeeze in a little shopping!
Can you guess what I bought? ;)

I still don't have my own computer so my time online is limited but I do hope to snatch the odd moment to come out Blog visiting as whenever I can. :)


The Secret Hermit said...

Ooh I wish I'd been near the sea this past week the weather has been lovely!!

St Ives looks wonderful, I've never been before.

Michele said...

That looks like such a lovely place! I have heard that Cornwall is beautiful. :-)

Robin Larkspur said...

What a lovely place for a beautiful vacation. By the sea!! Wonderful photos of wild flowers. Love that bag!

Jess said...

Although St Ives is very crowded in the summer, (for a very good reason!) I want everyone to see how wonderful it is there. I do hope you get a chance. :)

rossichka said...

St. Ives seems to be a wonderful, colourful place!
I'm especially impressed by the sight of all those helpless crabs!... Wasn't it possible to put them back in the water?
I hope you've had a lovely vacation, Jess!
P.S. I won't go to the Black Sea this year, but I'm just drawing upon a pebble, brought by my husband from the seashore...:)

buttons and beeswax said...

I love St Ives too, it's been one of my favourite places for a while. I love how clear the sea is there, and you're right, no matter what the weather, it's always beautiful. I love your photos (and now I have a yearning to get down there asap :-)

Amalia K said...

Welcome back, Jess! Oh, I wish I could squeeze in a little time and go on a holiday. Yours seem like a fantastic one!

The bag looks awesome! :D

Tammie Lee said...

your trip looks wonderful
beautiful colors and treasures
and a new pink bag as well
lovely holiday to you

Bella Gingell said...

How I wish I could go back to St. Ives. Having visited twice in as many years I still can't get enough of the place.

It is interesting you have taken time to see the flowers as well as the usual shells and sea (not that there is anything wrong with them).

The light is different here; so bright and translucent. I am glad you had a good time and re-charged your batteries.

Jess said...

Thankyou :)
I'd better mention, those crabs were already dead, otherwise they would have scuttled back to the water themselves! :)

Heart Box Studio said...

This is adorable! And what a lovely blog:) St. Ives looks like a dream. I have always dreamed of taking a holiday in England....lovely:)

Heart Box Studio said...

This is adorable! And what a lovely blog:) St. Ives looks like a dream. I have always dreamed of taking a holiday in England....lovely:)

Sue said...

I love Cornwall, need to go back sometime soon. I live near the other St Ives

Introverted Art said...

Jess, what a lovely place. Absolute delight :)

...Tabiboo... said...

I've never been to St Ives - I think we skirted around it last time we traveled that way knowing it would be busy, but I know so many people that have been this looks absolutely lovely.

Maybe next time,

Nina xxx

Jess said...

St Ives can be off putting if you visit for less than a day. The shopping area is really crowded. When you stay there for a few days, you get to see the areas surrounding the beaches too and the coast path towards Zennor is amazing. :)

rachel awes said...

+ love your new bag too :)

Victoria said...

Wowness...such gorgeous images and a dreamland! Also wanted to mention I love the new look of your blog..wonderful and inspiring..a magical feeling !

Giggles said...

Wonderful photos of your holiday!! Love the purse too!! Great sketch. Love your blog back ground so fun and vibrant!!

Hugs Giggles

Carol said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday. Great bag!
Carol xx

Hannah said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! Nice flower pics. x

Zorana said...

Your photos transported me to a lovely place this morning... and that happy bag at the end is like icing on the cake. Splendid! xo