Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cornish Pasties and Their Cousins

(page from my sketchbook)

Try as I might, I don't like cornish pasties. Shame on me! ;)

They're such a good idea when you're out and about on holiday aren't they? An easy meal on the go. Oh how I wish I liked them.
I've tried the 'imposter' ones with different fillings like cheese and onion, far too filling and makes me feel bloated afterwards. I've tried pork and apple, even worse than the original beef ones. Finally I tried a lamb and mint one. It has to be tasty I thought, I used to love a lamb chop with mint sauce when I was a child. 
Hmm.. I won't be eating one of those again.

It's not long now until my exhibition! It's at Bristol Folkhouse, Park St, Bristol 
and is to run from Friday 31st August until 27th September.

I'm going to be showing with my friend Jenny who teaches painting at the Folkhouse
Hope to see you there!

- and for those of you who perhaps live the other side of the globe from me, I shall share some pics here quite soon. :)


thedoodlegirl said...

You'd better post a LOT of pics for those of us who live far away! Lovely work! What a talent.

Anne said...

Really beautiful painting! <3

Amalia K said...

Oh, there's one thing I never thought we'd have in common! I absolutely loathe lamb too!! Just a swift of the smell would make me feel sick. My husband loves it, and I've never cooked him lamb of all the years we've been married. LOL!

Awesome "freaky" pastry you did there...and I LOVE your landscape painting! Beautiful!

Bella Gingell said...

I have a love/hate thing for pasties and feel slightly guilty as they should be synonymous with holidays.

Good luck on your forthcoming exhibition. There is always so much hard work to do before one of these.

Micki Wilde said...

I cannot stand Cornish pasties either lol, they are just plain weird!!
My hubby just said he likes them and I'm the odd one because I like Marmite and he doesn't what a fool he is lol!!

renilde said...

this reminds me of the first time ever i visited the U.K., i must have been about 12 and we were having a holiday in Yorkshire, (i don't know if there is much difference to the cornish pasties) i saw pasties there and they looked so yummie to me but after one bite i knew, i will never eat this again :), i did like the english breakfast :)

totally beautiful painting Jessie,
i can swim in it, in it's colour and atmosphere, have a great show! xx

Halina P. said...

Podobaja mi sie pokazane tu obrazy. To piekny styl.