Monday, 2 July 2012

New Paintings On Canvas

A few weeks ago I showed you these works in progress that I'm painting for my exhibition at the end of the summer.
I had quite a struggle with these, going round in circles, layering, changing, not seeming to get anywhere.

The painting on the right had a previous life. It used to look like this..

I was happy with it like this because I like the textures and thought it had a floaty watery feel to it. I was so sure it was finished I even put hangers on the back. But for some reason, who knows what, I decided it needed a figure on it, so this is how the finished painting looks now...

The left hand side hasn't changed much but you can see the differences elsewhere. (The watermark along the bottom I added on the computer, it's not on the actual painting.)

As for the other painting, I almost painted it over completely because all the way through the process it looked so wrong to me.
In particular,that odd looking shape beneath the bird was bugging me so I gave that area a complete overhaul with a layer of white gesso applied with a knife giving it a nice surface for paint.

 An ultramarine wash and some collaged leaves later, I was happy with the result.

This one is called Songbird and I and measures 25 x 25cm (10 x 10 inches)
price $125 (or £80)

This one is called The Messenger and is 30 x 30cm (12 x 12 inches)
price $140 (or £90)
They're destined for my exhibition but if you'd like to buy either of these I'd be more than happy to set them aside for you. :)

Since I posted this I've had the honour of being chosen for a beautiful treasury on Etsy that I want to share with you.Paradise Not Lost by Lizzie.Thankyou Lizzie! :)

Another treasury!
This time it's my art print 'Teapot and Flowers' that has been kindly chosen for the Etsy Treasury Sweet Lilac

Thankyou so much Ariiel!


martinealison said...

Deux très jolies oeuvres... Très intéressant de pouvoir visionner l'évolution de votre ressenti.
Vos couleurs sont fascinantes.
Gros bisous

rachel awes said...

glorious, dear one! xox

Rita said...

Beautiful! Love them both.

The Secret Hermit said...

Fabulous work Jess I especially love the girl with the big red hair!!

Where is your exhibition at btw?


Jess said...

Thanks so much! :) My exhibition will be in Bristol and details nearer the time.xx

...Tabiboo... said...

Your ladies are gorgeous and I think adding a figure was the right thing to do - she is beautiful.

Nina xxx

Carol said...

Hi Jess, love them both. Hope the exhibition goes well.
Carol xx

Elaine Allsopp said...

They are beautiful x

kathy hare said...

Beautiful paintings Jess.. love them both.. x

Kyra said...

Actually, The Messenger IS my favorite... will you be making prints? I can't swing the original right now... (you can email me